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Discuss here about Yoeddynz's little Imp project...


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Most of the smaller superchargers just run PK belts.  They're all that's needed tbh.


Have you considered supercharging it? An SC14 on a 1500cc engine yielded ~11psi for my bad self. 

With EFI and an Intercooler (water to air would go good) your little imp would embarrass some much heftier cars....

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Nah not really that bothered about it being super fast right now and the idea of running extra ponies through a box that's running in reverse, which is an unknown success/failure in waiting,  seems to me like poking a hornets nest right now. 

Maybe later if it's not exploded and I  get bored.

But for now I am really wanting to chase a clean simple look with the whole swap. 

Which leads me to a question.. 

I'm trying to work out a way to build a pair of injector rails that are compact and neat. I'll pop up some pics later but for now if like to know if there's some really compact side feed injectors - because if rather make rails that house side feeds rather then having extra fuel rail running above the injectors.  The stick inlet runners are quite small and I'd like to have the injection setup not stick out like an ugly after thought if possible. 

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All the side feed injectors I've seen have been a pretty standard size dimensionally.

I'd be looking at subaru side feeds probably 550cc ones would be heaps for what your doing. 

4age silver and black top injectors are also sidefeed (310cc)

Sr20 injectors are another option (370cc for the turbo ones I think) these are shorter then 1jz sidefeeds.

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