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  1. I had a brief search and you can get igniters out of Taiwan. J109 but under a different name obviously. Unsure if they’re any good but from memory we’re around $29. Min qty though was 10 I do believe??
  2. Thanks for the reply, its still running the factory distributor, just sparking via that new system. I’d appreciate any help you could give me. To be fair, it’s given me absolutely no trouble at all, I’m feeling there was a reason that this system was employed, but I think it looks ugly and out of place.
  3. Yea mate. 84 GTX. wouldve been good to find an se limited with the leather interior but this is definitely one I didn’t want to pass up
  4. I have an aftermarket ignition system fitted to the car. From the quick searching ive done its an MSD style "upgrade" Has anyone here had any experience with this?? this is really the last thing I am wanting to change and return back to standard so i'm hoping to get some feedback on this. Let me know in the discussion page what your take is .... or knowledge Cheers!!
  5. Thanks mate That was the best I could afford... well... that the wife would sign off on.
  6. Two weeks in the mail, 30 euro for freight and the package arrived.... I was pretty impressed with the freight, being that i live in queensland and I had a Sata spray gun sent to me from sydney and that was $22 aud From there i got to tacking the electrics. When i took the car they were in a pretty shitty state. No dash/ignition lights, window switches working intermittantly, rear wiper and spayer u/s. Front window spray not working. Fuel hatch solenoid and rear glass hatch also shit. Basically anything on the car electrical put the shits up me. And with basic electric skill lacking i felt I was pretty well fucked. Chatted to a few blokes at work . (I operate power stations... youd think i'd be a bit better schooled with electrical fault finding ) and racked my brain back to my electrical training back in the navy and I slowly but surely ticked things off the list. Even tackled the issue of fucked main relay to rid my engine bay of a newly installed one by auto sparky (OCD issue again) All it needed was the top screw adjusted!!!
  7. First thing I wanted to do was remove the blue silicone vacuum hoses that was all over the place Bought some black hose and replaced But in the process broke a vacuum switch that are hard to find.... took hours of searching but found a turkey in greece with some. A whole manifold of them. Found a couple in U.S but they were the price of the 4 from greece not including freight.
  8. Feel free to pull the piss outa me here, abuse and tell me your thoughts. Im thick skinned so dont hold back.
  9. Pull the piss... discuss or give me opinions. Im open to all
  10. I thought it was about time I posted something in here. Its not so much of a project, more a work in progress. As i'd styated earlier in another post i have an ocd of tryinig to keep this thing as standard as I possibly can. Probably to the detriment of my sanity and my bank balance but just comes with the territory. My computer skills are lacking, and trying to get up to speed with forums and the likes, so bear with me throughout and i hope its not too painful... I brought this off the company that imported it, and they specialize in JDM imports. Im unsure how many owners it had in Japan but the service book goes back to 40,000ks. I payed more money than I shouldve but I'm sort of hoping its just a one time purchase and I wont be buying anything for a while... although i have had these words pass my lips before . Its had a respray at some stage and is in pretty good nick. The interior is a little sun faded in parts but for a 34 yr old car, its not doing too bad.
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    oldrx7's 1977 Mazda 929 wagon

    Rough as a bears bum you are