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  1. Thanks mate!!! there’s lots of tricks and personal preference. A lot of secret info in the rotary world… im not really sure why as I’m certain most of it can be found online if you have a bit of time and desire to find it. The stuff I know and learnt was from back in early-mid 2000’s so no doubt things have certainly progressed from what I experienced. as for the failure. Most of the examples of gears like this are from over revving and lack of oil. And you’re assumption is pretty good. I was told of the same thing, wipe the bearings creating excessive bearing clearances and movement etc. In turn straining, chipping and or cracking gear teeth, that continue to rip through the rest causing catastrophic failure. hence I went for the hardened gear to eliminate this weak point, as well as upgrade the pressure reg from a 60-70 psi regulator upto around 100psi. also did the multi window bearing for extra lubrication There are plenty of other oil mods that can be performed but for a standard engine, that only boosts 6psi I didn’t really see the point. I guess I can count myself lucky it ruined only rotor gear and stationary gear.
  2. Now I have the relief knowing that ive got a fresh engine and gearbox and a few miles of happy cruising ahead of me.... Any hints, questions or abuse. Fire away on the discussion page
  3. Anyways…. Cut a long story short…. k drove it as is to get a road worthy from the local mechanic, then went on my merry way to get a set of plates and license it. turned out the orings the injector place I had overhaul my injectors supplied me were too small and I had a severe vacuum leak. Changed them, readjusted my secondary butterfly because it was off seated at idle and the old girl hasn’t missed a beat yet. 750ks, a couple of tanks of gas and lots of smiles has been had so far. almost time for oil change and a few more revs!!!
  4. From there….. It was drop the old girl back in the hole, connect everything up, bleed the oil system, fuel system and coolant system. yelled out to the wife and had her sit in the seat and crank. got her to wind it until oil pressure gauge moved…. Check!!! connected plug leads and warned her it will more thank likely spin and smell of fuel, possibly cough n fart and blow a bit of smoke. as she held her breath… I could see her nervously about to the the key and I had a chuckle to myself. No sooner had the engine rolled over once it roared into life and my wife and some shit now impregnated in her undies. only the down pipe from the turbo made for a noisey block but with the shit in her undies she didn’t give it a bit of gas so died after about 10-15 seconds. after she calmed down from yelling and calling me a prick I let her k ow to give it a small bit of gas when it catches so I can check for leaks and ensure all was well….. needless to say we had a winner!!! No dramas and once it was warm it settled a bit but idling was pretty shit, hunting and erratic. Anyways…. Some more pics
  5. From there…. It was assembly time. so it received all new seals, springs, orings and gaskets.
  6. Once the plates were smooth and finished, I got to tackling the other bits that needed attention. First of all I gave it another clean, and then measured everything to ensure there were no parts out of spec that needed replacing... I purchased a new FD pressure regulator to ensure the oil pressure was upgraded, I located and FD rear stationary gear as they are hardened in the factory and had it machined to 12a gear specs. I threw the front gear in the lathe and machined a groove so the bearings that I modified with multi windows lubricated nicely. The new rotor bearings received the same machining treatment to bring them to MFR spec. Pressed a new pilot bearing and seal in the shaft. Because of the nitrite heating process, I needed to press out all welch plugs to replace, and drill out the brass factory oil gallery plugs and tap with a hydraulic plug.
  7. A couple of weeks later the rotating assembly and plates arrived…. To my horror. I didn’t remember the plates returning so harsh when nitrited back in Nz. make a few calls, and sent a few msgs out in dismay but was resigned to the fact I was going to need to remove the slag looking surface by hand…. Took to the task with rum in hand on the kitchen table and spent from memory 14 hours over the entire weekend stoning and then finishing with wet n dry sand paper
  8. Sooooo…… this revelation happened just after I’d accepted a new job to move states from queensland to Victoria. I had the delight now of moving an undrivable car 1500kms. managed to achieve that, $1500aud as opposed to free if it was drivable because the company my new work used to relocate me wouldn’t shift a car with with no running engine. Bastards after a couple of months settling into my new role I whipped the block out and took it into work for a strip down and inspection…. Prior to this tho I’d located some replacement rotors and plates under the presumption my rear rotor, rear and centre plate were shagged. I found the culprit pretty early on in the piece…. The moment I removed the front cover I noticed the oring used to seal the oil feed to the block was pinched/damaged and was causing low oil pressure I thought was a dicky old sender…. Hmmmm. What a dick I am. Anyways… continued stripping the block down and was genuinely impressed, and felt rather lucky. Front n centre plates were in fantastic condition with next to no wear, and rear plate to my surprise just had some visible hotspots. so with my new found enthusiasm, sent my rotating assembly for a full balance, and my plates of for a skim and a nitrite.
  9. Fuck…. Been ages since I’ve updated this. and @oldrx7 has been pestering me for about a year. anyways, been a few things happen In between drinks. Drove this thing every now and then. While the 323 was in having an exhaust fabricated and a going over “pre-cert” inspection, my son was hankering for some skids. took it a few streets down into farm land and found a nice intersection. Motivated by my 3 year old son chanting “donuts dad, let’s do donuts” we swung a few “0’s and 8’s” to the amusement of the surrounding properties. as we exited out of the final skid there was a fantastic rumble from the gearbox… to which my son thought it’d be a great idea to say “ooooohhhh… dad what’s that sound. It’s noisey” I wasn’t too worried…. Sounded like a bearing in the gearbox so promptly limped it home and parked it in the garage until I could be bothered whipping the box out. a couple of weeks later I did remove it, remove bellhousing and replaced I put shaft bearing. Full of confidence and pride for fixing it I promptly started it up….. hmmmm….. slight noise. Perhaps I just needa rotate and get some oil around to looob it all up. quick drive out the driveway to end of cauldersac didn’t fix it. well fuck. thought it must be another gearbox bearing. So did the shitty task of again whipping the box out laying on my back under the car. Took it into work and stopped for inspection…. apart from a the lay shaft bearing being a bit tighter than I’d like all seemed well. rebuilt said box with new synchros n bearings and again lifted the box from my back into the car…. You can imagine how old this was getting. I must confess…. I’m one of the laziest pricks so certainly don’t go to the gym…. So it’s bloody heavy lifting and locating on my back with my pipis. cut a long story short…. Next drive also had no change…. Still a delightful rumble. No I was right fucked off. took a sample of the engine oil and sent it to you e lab for analysis, wanting to rule out bearing failure or suspended solids. perfect!!! Said lab tech. A little bit of carbon but that’s normal and expected. I was perplexed and rung the old boy who’s shop I used to kick around at to ask advice. he asked for symptoms, I told him and he laughed. Said… come on Jamie boy. You know what this is. Your rear gear is fucked. Pull the flywheel off and check. so this is what I did… but fucked if I was going to again remove the gearbox for a 3rd time off my back and remove the 54mm nut fixing the flywheel to the shaft. took ot to the shop that had done my exhaust etc and threw it on his hoist…. guess what reared it’s ugly twisted head?!
  10. Tony…. Take no notice. you must slam it on Titans. I will even chip in to purchase said treasures
  11. @Truenotch taught me how to upload videos so i guess theyre self explanatory. This motor has been sold, im on to that other 13b bridgeport i got ripped off with. Im passing time until my panhard rod is built and i can completely sign off the diff!!! Enjoy
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