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  1. Ended up with a new battery as the old one was not the best and car is running again. Will also keep an eye on it to make sure it charging/ working right, and also check the alternator etc because Im sure theres other gremlins hiding in the electrical system and might be hidden by the new battery. Thanks for all your replies and I'll owe all beer or similar for the help.
  2. Looks like you guys are right. Hooked up the old ride and jumped it straight away and went for about a 10km blast to get a bit of charge into the battery. Got home and parked up off the road and went to start again - dead (or at least not enough juice to turn it over) so it looks like I'll get out tomorrow night and get it running to test then whip the battery out. When it was running the lights would dim/ flicker when braking so hope its not the alternator as well - will check the earths/ belts. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the replies. Spent a bit of time with it tonight and noted a few other things with the electrics that might point to the issue. Now there are no lights on the dash, radio doesnt work, no indicators or lights, Central locking not working, but can hear the motor? trying hard to make a noise, Interior light does work but is flickering, Hazard lights dont work but still makes a sound, Cant turn engine over. Now for the positive... yeah there is some... got the multi meter out to test the voltage in the engine bay, From the battery to the cable int
  4. Hi, I've currently got a pov-spec 1993 Honda Civic (D15b manual, non vtec, non computer) for DD duties. The issue is that after two days on non use on the weekend i went to start and there was only a click and no cranking. Bit of back history - about 6 months ago it had a similar problem where it wouldn't start by key and I had to park on hills so that it could be rolled/ clutch dumped and eventually got round to hitting the starter and it seemed to fix the issue. Last week after a day sitting out in the rain it would crank, crank, crank but would not fire (this may be a separate issue).
  5. What happens if you swap No4 lead to one of the other cylinder, just to see if the miss follows it? Might save having to replace a few things.
  6. The next couple of years should be a bit bigger - just with the extra time off (Friday/ Monday) giving a good long weekend. Always seems to be fine and this year they moved the food around a bit to make it easier to get to - although more icecream stalls needed. Think his times were 67.23, 71. 00, 78.91, 80.35 (1972 Datsun 1600). Nice photos.
  7. Didn't know at the time, but had a good talk and mechanical discussions about the car and the other projects/ parts with him.
  8. If you're after a Hall effect sensor then it may be possible to use a Jeep Grand Cherokee: '99 - '04 4.0 Cam angle sensor as they slot into an L series dizzy hole (similar to A series?), and by the look of it they have a gear cog too.
  9. The design and printing of the engine is great - and causing all sorts of problems in the brain with ideas vs reality and no skill what so ever, but with regard to the images showing the poring of the crank case, the vents around where the piston liners show 3 on one side but not on the other whereas the rest seems symmetrical? Are they just not shown or is the flow/ pore path through the wall and top close enough so they are not required. Would you have any recommendations for books for forms and casting for dummies?
  10. Ha ha, probably should have worded it more along the lines of "those who like spending time in the open air short term spare parts storage locations, generally known as wreckers yards or if you do it yourself then practice areas where breaking something wont wreak your daily. Yeah pretty sure it is a D22 (PD22). Just want to confirm the engine KA20 not NA20 and see if anyone could pick up the distributor and the plugs/ wiring. If it is the right one I can put through some moneys to your bank and add some extra for some liquids to help with the weekend. Cheers for the loc
  11. Just wondering if any of the neighbors up north who like going into yards are going to be visiting the Zebra yard in Whangarei over the weekend. Would like to see whats left of the Navara/datsun, and maybe see about getting some bits. Thanks
  12. Just saw this and thought of your work. http://www.speedhunters.com/2016/11/pur-sang-argentinas-classis-auto-artisans/
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