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  1. BillyTong

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    I have a spare ticket. Pm me for my number and I can meet you at the gate or pm me your name and I can chuck one in the ticket collect box for you
  2. BillyTong

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    It's pretty much up to the discretion of the person handing out the passes at the gate. For example, there are late model Mustang's, BMW's, Holden's etc in there. And that's just what I can see in the front rows from where I am
  3. BillyTong

    Leadfoot Festival 2019 2-3 Feb

    I second this. Highly recommend volunteering. Next year will be my 3rd time volunteering - I'm in charge of social media over the weekend which should be epic again. Hospitality by the Millen's is always on point. Apply, bring a tent (sites usually provided free of charge at the campground), a few boxes and you're away laughing with all the other gc volunteers Always drink responsibly. Don't drink and drive
  4. That time of year again so save the dates, book your sick leave, and book accommodation early as it always sells out! Leadfoot Festival 2nd & 3rd February 2019 280 Link Road, Hahei 3591, somewhere just outside of Whitianga but really just in the middle of nowhere Also slightly before Wagnats which means roadtrip of epic proportions? Same details as every other year. 1 mile hillclimb event which brings in some of the best drivers from over the world, a few sponsors with some cars, and thousands of people. And also the carpark gets pretty full so bring your OS car for reserved parking (let's face it, this reserved parking area is probably the main attraction). Open pits to talk to every Barry in the country Top tip - buy tickets online rather than at the gate
  5. BillyTong

    Leadfoot Festival 3-4 Feb 2018

    Good to see security doing their job
  6. BillyTong

    Leadfoot Festival 3-4 Feb 2018

    Not currently enough interest for OS club parking, classic car parking still available though. Recommended to get in early each day, will fill up super quick (if they allow sports cars to park there again this year)
  7. BillyTong

    Leadfoot Festival 3-4 Feb 2018

    Who's going and wants to take charge of organising if everyone wants to park together?? ***The Leadfoot Car Club parking area is designed for groups of 10 or more cars or motorcycles. You will need to arrive at Leadfoot at the same time to be guaranteed parking together. Each person in the car MUST have a Leadfoot Festival entry ticket for scanning to go into the Car Club area. If a passenger does not have a ticket they will need to get out of the car and purchase at the gate and meet the driver inside. If the driver does not have a ticket they will be asked to park elsewhere.*** Reply to this thread if you're keeeeeeen
  8. She'll be up and running before Leadfoot, don't you worry haha
  9. BillyTong

    Leadfoot Festival 3-4 Feb 2018

    Looks like they've opened up an area designed for car clubs to park together. I helped with parking at Leadfoot this year and so many people wanted to park next to each other but due to the layout it couldn't be guaranteed, so this seems like a good idea. Maybe gauge some interest around OS to see who's going etc then someone fill the form in so everyone can park next to each other.
  10. BillyTong

    MSRKK Swap Meet 2017 - Hawke's Bay

    Weather is looking promising for the Bay this weekend. Hopefully it stays that way
  11. Annual event happening again, May 2017, Napier. Poster says it all really. Last year was my first, and was well worth it. There's an awesome drone shot somewhere of all the cars last year. From memory it was free to show your car, but spaces ran filled quickly so you had to arrive early on the day?
  12. As far as I know, cancelled. The club may look at hosting it later in the year - no promises though
  13. Yep, cancelled according to HB British and European Car Club website. Sucks as I just flew back into the Bay for the weekend. @JoKer
  14. @JoKer It says 'new' but I've been with them for near enough a year... haha
  15. Just over a week out! Be there!