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Discuss here about Yoeddynz's little Imp project...


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Its a neat conversion eh! Many moons ago (well around 2008ish) I measured up a bmw k100 engine on a workmates bike, one of the cycle shops I had worked at in blighty.  It looked perfect, I bought abmw k100 manual, I did some scribbles and worked some bits- got all excited.  Then moved back to NZ and started looking for an IMP. But got stuck into building the housetruck. A scottish guy on the imp club had been following my chat about said engine and he got stuck into the conversion. Did a bloody good job too and started having a neat adaptor for the bmw engine to the imp gearbox cnc'd up. He sold quite a few on and then sold the rights to some other fella/company or something. So there's been quite a few built now.

That one above is certainly one of the neater ones. If I wasn't going down the goldwing route I'd probably have just done this conversion. I'd had @AndyGal asking about engines at his old work at one point. But I'm happy to be fucking about with six cylinders now :-)

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You are most likely all over this, I didn't see a photo of the back side of the HRB, but one thing I learnt the hard way in a retrofit of a very similar looking Saab HRB into the mx5, is that the back side of the unit needs a solid base. As the rear cover where you gain access to service the hydraulics is a crimped in disc. This will not withstand hydraulic pressure without being sandwiched so it can't move. 

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