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Discuss here about Yoeddynz's little Imp project...


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Thought I’d stepped into the Barry thread......


my 2C, honda cx500 has basically what your doing, and they go for ever so meh


Those three bolts can be loosened and some wiggle room to take up the slack of 40yrs of motoring 

However there is a little plug on the side of the case to chuck a mirror into to check this and the cam chain, possibly worth adding to yours?


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1 minute ago, flyingbrick said:

This could quickly turn into the HOW TO MOVE A CONTAINER HOUSE thread. 

My vote is no chains. Use a hydraulic pump on end of crank,  connected to a hydraulic motor that drives the oil pump.  

Magnets involved somehow.

Or just fill the entire space up with hand cut gears.


I'm sure the engine is together and propelling Kevin to the beach already tho

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Yea I say that when it lunches itself we run a poll to decide what the next engine should be, we all chip in to get it to Alex, then sit back and watch the mad antics as he solves all of the unwieldy problems in getting it to fit.

To start the suggestions I choose an OM606 with a DPUK 600hp pump.

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1 hour ago, thegreatestben said:

to be fair, if whatever is chosen does fuck out and lunch the motor; I'd happily chuck some dollars in to help pay for the next motor.

Oh you guys. Lol. When this engine explodes I'll post up some fantastic vids and then start planning my Fezza f40 engine install which I'm totally happy to be gifted...  :-)

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