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  1. Oh shit. That’s awesome. How did I miss it?
  2. How do you find the Falkens on the back? Much noisy?
  3. Normally I’m not so keen on the timber everywhere thing but I think even I’d have trouble covering that hallway. She’s a nice old lady that is.
  4. Fkn lol. If anyone wondered why Oldschool is great this is it.
  5. Also. If you’re not a trade (trade pass card) customer you’ll have to try and click and collect. Only trade customers allowed inside and , in silverdale at least, only allowed in half the store.
  6. Threw one in the back seat today. He had to leave it outside for me to pick up cause he couldn’t bring it inside for some reason.
  7. Auditors sound like building inspectors.
  8. westy


    It would be too hard wouldn’t it? Bugger all contact area I’m thinking. 1000 grit is pretty coarse.
  9. BOC have a line of cut price welders. https://www.boc.co.nz/shop/en/nz/boc-raptor-200-multiprocess-welder-raptor200multi-p 2 year warranty looks good. Wonder if they’re worth a go.
  10. Hopefully not a repost. https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-projects-and-project-cars/frankenferrari-v12-ferrari-308/148959/page1/ We should applaud the crazy bastards out there
  11. Yeah doesn’t list it in the specs. Others do. Like this. Also goes as low as 30 amps . https://www.onlinetools.co.nz/products/weldsmart-digital-mig-200-migarctig-gasgasless Doesn’t seem like a bad deal?
  12. So many advantages to a tidy site. Far more efficient a lot less accidents and the client always feels better about the whole thing. Can’t understand why others let their sites turn to shit.
  13. Fuck I love a good tidy site!
  14. Quite keen on that but notice amps only go down as far 40a on mig. A bit high for .8mm steel? Also doesn’t seem to be able to use .6 mm wire?
  15. Not much to add ‘cept I reckon a Watts linkage is far betterer than a panhard rod. And if ya going to the trouble of 4 linking ya might as well add a Watts.
  16. Awesome read mate. Thanks.
  17. Ahhh I see. So kinda more a link and tooth ratio combo sorta thing. Learn something new every day.
  18. Pretty sure a cam drive isn’t going to have a ‘hunting tooth’ in it?
  19. Scratch built GTO. Shame some of the early pics are missing. https://www.madmechanics.com/forum/forum/kitcar-discussion-forums/build-diaries/20189-1962-ferrari-250-gto-scratch-build
  20. Awesome news mr sheeper’s.
  21. Meh. At least you know the two are compatible. Also, I find the BMW wiring pretty straightforward once you’ve got a grip on it.
  22. Later e46 had e-throttle that I think slots straight into floor mount. Dunno if it runs the throttle body though. Anyway... it’s fucking awesome. Love it. Carry on.
  23. Ok. Here’s my silly suggestion. If its getting hot on the fans, are you sure they’re running the correct way?
  24. Dragged this outta the weeds where it had been sitting for a couple of years. Cleaned it and chucked some new gas in it and a battery. Started it up no drama and took it for a short run up the road. Had forgotten what a laugh it is to drive. But the tyres had turned to plastic so behaved like a drunken monkey. Got some tyres onto a set of wheels I’d had hanging around for a few years but was too weary of them rubbing to use before, but thought fuck it, they’ll do for a hoon down to Leadfoot in Feb. And they do rub but meh. Then it sprang a leak in the radiator. Bugger. But if that’s the worst thing that happens I’ll call it a win. Got a renewed interest in it so as soon as I get the shed built I’ll rip it to bits and rebuild it to fix all the things I rushed or don’t like about it.
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