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weve got a single cab/facking mahoosive tray '97 that we bought of the certifier in carteron to crash test. did its job and wasnt too banged up so we had it repaired it for a work vehicle. 

its so mint, can carry a whole dodge rams load of crash repair parts including a hood laying flat in the tray. and i cut half the exhaust out so it sounds like a muscle car, with its matty b D Windows, it looks the part too.

its not great on gas,  but its also not awful, really depends on if you mash the gas pedal or not. its got the spider injector 350 in it which i assume is what you have.

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I assume pulsed as theres an electrical plug with enough wires for 8 injectors 

I was googling stuff about them and someone mentioned 'poppet injectors ' so I'm picking theres a electric injector in the main block which lets fuel down the tube and the injector at the end makes some fuel jizz out when it gets to x amount of pressure? 

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found a pic of our one for inspiration. they are heaps of fun to drive. i took this on my rapid crash course in learning to drive LHD. from carterton to Christchurch. finding somewhere to park it in wellington CBD where my company booked a hotel for me was an absolute bastard. ended up just using the hotel valet :badgrin:

No photo description available.

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