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Todays addition to the fleet


A little camper trailer thing.


Not sure what year but its been in storage for 22 years. NZ made, in auckland. it has a canvas top that folds out, its quite easy to set up.

Needs a new trailer plug, a clean up, some sort of canvas waterproof treatment, grease the bearings, new tyres, some slammage, might put some shocks on it cause it bounces around a bit.












Is this a jackson electrical product?



Should look good behind the val

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got new tyres, wof, reg. Turns out it was made in 1975


For anyone interested it was $136 to re reg for 12 months, new plate, and a wof. Couldnt re reg with the old black plate, and couldnt register it as a new trailer once the lady at the counter knew it was previously registered, so im stuck with 6 month wofs, meh.


Probably should have taken it in without the plate


anyway, lowered it 60 ish mm, waterblasted it underneath, have to repack the bearings and apply some sort of canvas waterproofing.


chop that bit








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heres another one of my side project time wasters

BA XR8 ute, 6 speed manual, 5.4 , has done just over 300k. My boss sold it to me at a sharp price so I couldnt refuse


It has headers, exhaust, cold air intake, according to the stickers it has 310 killerwasps but i suspect some may have escaped or exist only in sticker KWs. These engines were a bit of a parts bin special, they have a dohc 4 valve head that flows well (good for high rpm) but a bore (90mm)x stroke (105mm) not really good for high rpm. It doesnt have much beans down low, gets a wriggle on at 3500, but the rev limit is 6000. It does sound good when given maximum jandal though


So far have done wof stuff, tyres ect, lowered the front a bit more- it has reasonably new shocks made by that german guy bill stein in the front with circlip adjustable platforms, removed the broken rear skirt bits, gave it a bit of a tidy up, new rear shocks


It still needs a few things but is more fun to drive than the townace was....








I have a few plans to improve the brakes, and would like to have a crack at some track day type activities in this

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Get a XR6T/something with an LS instead? ha


i have not found many people doing much to them, i think they are an engine that responds to forced induction well, but the usual cams/porting/NA mods etc is quite expensive and does not achieve much. Apparently you need to upgrade the oil pump gears if the RPM limit is raised


The 5.4 is basically a stroked 4.6 so there is no room for increasing the stroke more, and with that bore-stroke ratio i dont think you would want to anyway, and i think the bore spacing is too close to go any bigger bore wise.

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