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Tech Spam thread - because 1/4" BSP gets 5 hand spans to the jiggawatt

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Goodrides I had in the past weren't even round, so there's that aspect too


I'd say the #1 most important thing is the behaviour of the tyres in moist/wet conditions. Nothing worse than not being able to steer or stop safely when you really need to

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2 hours ago, SOHC said:

I saw a woman driving a brand new Volvo SUV with snow tries all round the otherday

Might be marginally better than the wanker I saw in the BMW SUV speeding and cutting up traffic, with canvas showing on his rear tyres.

Maybe she was on her way to the ski fields..... for some mad offroading in her Volvo.

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Dear people-who-know-things, 

Any advice on a valve spring removal tool? 

I've never done it before but I see there are a few tools that look easy to use but maybe they're shit and theres something better. 

Wanting to use for a 3SGE and 2NZ/1NZ and maybe some other Toyota heads for hopefully easy in and out. 

@Yowzer any thoughts? 

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On 20/11/2020 at 17:57, Raizer said:

Rope worked better than air in my shitty old 4g63 when I did the stem seals.
Was just lucky I had the piston at TDC and it caught the valve that wanted to drop lol

Is that because Mitsubishi rings/valve seats couldnt seal well.enough to hold the valve up?

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