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Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

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four words, an apology   "i am very sorry"


to all of you who wanted a spirited Sunday drive between the Valley Inn and Governers Bay pub, i am very sorry for the opportunity lost, due to the rolling roadblock ahead,

i am also very sorry for the fact i didn't use my front bumper and push that fucken Hiace off the road, as a means to travel at velocities of more than 15km/h.

so apart from that, and the rain, i do hope it didn't puit a dampener on the day

love and peace,  Joe

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Mcleans island swap meet? Will there be some sort of meet there and if so do you chch folk start a separate thread for that?

I've a friend here who is keen on heading down and we can take a trailer to bring back stuff... like imps... :-)  @- i5oogt -  @CUL8R

Will be looking for a place to stay where we can talk old car shit and drink beer.

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