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  1. Update time. Wow! I thought this would be a quick little write up but actually turned into an essay length spiel. Best you put the kettle on... So a fair bit has been going on in our little valley. I've been trying to remember to take photos but usually get carried away and have finished whatever before I remember. I did go up to the ridge a wee while back and take a pretty photo or two of the sunrise. Very nice up there. Cant wait to build a cabin for that place! Coming back down to the truck via the ridge track- Tuis playing morning tunes in the Lucerne tree next to truck. Since getti
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  2. Our new Gt6 It came up for sale in specialist cars on TradeMe for a reasonable price. We already have a project (or two) car so why not another The Lancia Gamma was sold so we have some money and space in the driveway. The universe doesn't like a vacuum. I put an autobid on it up to $5005 and decided if it went higher than that, then I would miss out. Its reserve was $5K and I won it. I was surprised there weren’t more bids but it was listed in specialist cars and not the cars for sale so maybe not many people saw it. I organised getting it shipped to Auckland from N
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