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  1. brunox by the looks i have used it on sandblasted springs before also wears very well and lasts forever its not a finish coat though more a primer
  2. ye sorry but the main reason i got the wagon was so that the gearbox can slide on into a customers project car,you can always keep your eye out for an mt75 box it may or may not fit the hole they came in transits so shouldnt be hard to find. so the blue wagon was 2.0 manual and 5 speed and as i said to ev i cut the plug of the loom for the distributor. my suggestion would be duratech the cunt and put a 6 speed mazda box behind it link and throttle bodies and nice headers and widened steels lowered and drift the bollix out of it.
  3. i would have drank warm piss through a septic sock after the dusty molesworth cold dobros were like mothers milk
  4. might be able to make it will see what i can do was supposed to be somewhere else but will try do the shuffle....
  5. yeeessss thats the green i had in mind for the sticker will go away and google pics now. Ah petes given up on the transits now i think the white jumbo put him off transits lol!!! his old mk2 with the v8 he bought off greg goudie went through a few hands and ended up in christchurch as tow vehicle for mcivors mk2 rally car. The jumbo i took out for blast around the block two weeks ago was the first time it was started in a year i think its a pity but he hasnt been competing and it was built for tow vehicle for escort. keep up the good work look forward to seeing this one when its to your liking came up well with a buff....
  6. fuck me!!! anyone that has a mk1 or mk2 transit is going to have to start locking them away you wont be able to stop yourself you will just be climbing into random transits and driving off in them to some underground vault cave system somewhere remote.Parking them in parade calling them me precious and being overly cautious of visitors and people looking to find there long lost love a bit like the lad in wolf creek...........mick taylor!!!!! seriously cool find and story looks the part in the that colour almost makes you wonder what other colours the graphics and vans lend themselves too how about metallic olive green with sundowner graphics in flourescent green or gold metallic stripes the combinations are endless. look forward to seeing it progress
  7. your probably going to struggle to find those bits off glass second hand,you could try pilkington glass for classic cars in the uk,if they cant do it from stock they can make it,but its an expensive process i am guessing there is a slight curve to the glass? Have you tried the cosworth speacilists up north,lodge auto centre? or south africa wreckers may have something it was a popular model there but possibly more in the 4x4 guise with different rear side windows
  8. lol none are going in fact all that were going i made into non runners lol!!!!!
  9. ah may not bring a car to this i was planning on bring the scimitar out for a skid to rabbit island but its too low to get into kohatu,i may use the dirtbike though and work my way down through the forestry....... see what happens
  10. i have some genuine cosworth rear springs here if your intrested where taken out of a 2wd sapphire for lowered items. also brand new ford sierra front rotors cosworth too. pm if intrested.
  11. try i500gt on here he might have one or if you cant get one off him richard horrell in motueka should have one.
  12. AX motorsport block? nice item to have,will you go bigger in cc? nice call on going period spec nice to see the older specs coming back seeing an escort on 16" wheels and duratec engines dont really do it for me. i shall post some photos on here of the ones we look after and have around us if you would like to see them. so its bubble arched your going for is it? steel or fibreglass? we turn a lip out on the mini tub under the arch to screw some arch protectors too right out to the bubble saves the inner gaurd getting pounded by gravel.also strenghtens up the quarter panel quite a lot as we spot weld along the flange.its only about 10 to 15mm lip.
  13. look forward to the updates.Whats the spec on the car? We build them in work seemed to be surrounded by them at the moment last count there were 4 mk1 and 3 mk2 not quite that many now but they are still in the majority. we look after a nice bdg/t5 atlas axled mk1 targa we seem to do more bodywork on it than anything lol!!
  14. trademe!!!! https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=3008162969&bof=H2ZjIe8x enough for a full wheel though.
  15. https://wallstmotorsport.co.uk/product/the-stigs-chariot-from-top-gear/ next years weapon off chioce!!!!
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