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  1. Axles prepped and waiting for new bearings tomorrow.
  2. Evening all. I thought I'd start a discussion thread if anyone had any questions about my build. Cheers Steve
  3. Taking shape , finally. .
  4. Diff head has been all checked, cleaned, painted and fitted to the housing with new nylocs.
  5. Evening all, I'm really wanting to complete the rear axle so have had a really big push on it today. Have assembled one side of the brakes, happy with the outcome... even if nobody else sees them.
  6. More work on the rear axle today, bare housing has been stripped, rust treated, etch primed and painted satin black. Will be checking diff, cleaning, painting and hopefully fitting it to the housing today. Pics to follow.
  7. And the brackets welded onto the axle.
  8. After a really busy start to the year and then Covid I have finally managed to get some more time on the van. Have started fitting the anti- tramp bars...
  9. Etch primed and another job done.
  10. Started prepping the drivers side front panel to accept the new indicator assembly.
  11. Rechecked dash and dash top all fit correctly.
  12. Gotta love a long weekend for working on the van. Converted the dash to RS spec with correct dash bracket and etch primed.
  13. I wish i could work on this full time.... Making some good progress this weekend.
  14. Tidied up the new shape, etch primed it and fitted the lamp.