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  1. Right front suspension assembled. Will have to probably remove the castor bar and trim some of the end to get more castor. But I'll wait till I do a wheel alignment to see how everything is. But hard to get a good pic but you get the idea.
  2. Tonight's mission was mounting the caster bar brackets/ bumper irons. Got them all mounted and trial fitted the front 1/4 bumpers. Actually fitted up quite nicely so they can stay on. Also managed to get some satin black onto the front panel behind the grille.
  3. Big job ticked off. Chassis plate mounted back onto shell.
  4. Planning on trying to get one job done every night... So last night a fitted up the front x-member.
  5. This is the part I really enjoy about a rebuild, apart from driving it ..
  6. Started with fitting a few small parts before I removed all the slave suspension.
  7. This evening I got the call. "Come and collect your Escort " So I jumped into the Transit and headed down to the paint shop. Had to get a couple of shots of it in the sunlight. Excuse the poor pics and shadows.
  8. Late last night the doors, bonnet and boot were getting the first couple of base coats applied. Hopefully collect the car this afternoon.
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