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  1. After allowing a few days for this to dry a few coats of Sebring Red ( which is actually orange ) body colour were added. Happy days !
  2. Next step was to mask off the underside and apply a few coats of stone chip to the floors as they tend to get a pretty hard time.
  3. So the same process as the dash, i drew up the layout of the console and had it cut out of 3mm MDF, once finalised i had it cut out of laminate. Ford used lots of gauges and switches out of lots of vehicles for the works cars... The reverse lamp switch is out of a Jaguar and the Lucas amp gauge is from a Rover P5B coupe....
  4. Hi, i'm looking for a Mk2 Cortina 2 speed wiper switch if anybody knows where one is or who may have one.... I have some hard earned cash waiting for one. Same as the top one in this pic. Many thanks
  5. I found this pic from a while ago when i got the fibreglass dash parts and offered them up to see what it was going to look like... Lots of hours have gone into them since that pic was taken...
  6. Then i assembled it all together in the dash, although the speedo needs rebuilding everything else can stay. Now onto the centre console....
  7. I painted it black and offered up all the gauges and lamps to make sure the layout was correct and was going to work in the dash surround. Very happy with the result , then i just had to finalise the wording i wanted and get it cut out in laminate. Happy days!
  8. Then i drew up how the dash layout was going to look and had a mate laser cut it out of some 3mm MDF as a trial run before cutting it out of the proper laminate.
  9. The first step was to cut out the centre as i only need the outer shell.
  10. In keeping with the " works spec" twin cowl dash and "Mada" centre console i thought i'd make a start on the dash. As with the works cars they started with a genuine 6 dial dash as the starting point. Now i happened to have one of these that i kept as a spare even tho someone had decided it looked good painted pink!
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