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  1. There's always overlap with models, because the year is determined by the first date of registration, not the date of manufacture. Which is kinda weird when you think about it. Racehorses are weirder though, they all have the same official birthday... I like the new tail lights. Same, but different. And likely different to what anyone else has done. Which is nice.
  2. Sooooooo pretty.
  3. Pearl is not my bag baby.
  4. I want them all. Give them to me. Seriously though. Giz colour code if you ever encounter it.
  5. This thing is so damn cute! I just want to eat it up! Do you know what the colour is called???
  6. Cute!
  7. That I would regret.
  8. Would just like to point out that I took the snap. And I don't regret it at all.
  9. No flips. Safety alpaca forbids this.
  10. My lowline was seized in a similar manner, took it to the Avanti store up the road and they soaked it overnight in something and then were able to chuck it in a vice and yank. Worked nicely.
  11. The colour of this vehicle makes me happy.
  12. It looks so much different without the shiny hubcaps. Or is that just me? Looks primo with it's new stance. Quite jealous.
  13. Happy birthday chicky.
  14. Yeah, they're mondeo steels. Future of the vehicle is in question. Mainly because it's sitting on the trailer. Which would make it really easy to take to scrap.
  15. Is it usual for shocks to wear to the point of needing replacement/repair at 10-16,000k? That doesn't sound right at all.