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  1. Where might I run into you if I go for a Burger that day? Been away for a while so don't know which location it is now.
  2. In true oldschool fashion we ended up helping tow my friend's Rota home which was on the way to the meet. By the end of the escapade we had 8-9 cars on the side of the road as people were pulling up to see what all these cars were doing. Almost ended up bigger than the oldschool meet, ha!
  3. I won't make it to this. Leg won't be out of the cast in time.
  4. I can't commit 100% yet but I am interested.
  5. I was exactly laughing at that as I was uploading it. I was intentionally avoiding my car incase they asked me what was under the bonnet. Hahaha.
  6. Some of mine. Easily the worst of the lot and mostly just of the BMWs. https://www.flickr.com/photos/98811558@N08/albums/72157679763374511 Thanks to the others for the decent photos. Was a good meet.
  7. I agree with this, though I've seen maybe one or two kind of pull it off. The problem is the Mk2 has a big recess for the bumpers where as on the Mk1 the bumpers sit in front of the body. So when you remove them it doesn't look like anything is missing.