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  1. Im keen, hopefully have something skid-able by then. @macabre?
  2. Hi just thought id chuck up some pics of my Capella that i imported from aussie when i moved back earlier this year. i bought it off aussie rotor forum ausrotary Rolled around in it for a year or so in Alice Springs then when i moved back 2 months ago i got it sent over on a boat. Heres some pics of the trip home and of the car! Me, Tank {macabre} and Jordan {nanarei} at the start of a 3500k trip to the docks to drop it off Car on a roadside stop by Ayres Rock Valet parking at Crown Plaza in Melbourne {thanks to Jordan} And the end of our trip! made it with ease So its back in Nz and i have had it complied after a 500 dollar fine i got on the first couple of days back here for driving with dodgy plates! Plans are to make it fast and make it Low while keeping it reasonably original on outside.