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  1. Hey yoeddynz, yeah I think they are either prelude or crx seats. They have been installed quite well and the last owner told me that they were WOF compliant however the wof guys at my local garage said they won't pass it until I replace them (or show them I have alternatives to fit). I have one good original seat but want to get myself a decent period drivers bucket seat for it so will replace the passenger seat to get through this WOF and then sort something out for the drivers seat. Yeah would like to respray in original blue however will be a while before I have the coinage for that so just going to make do with the brg - may look at getting some sort of old school 60's decals for it to try and make it look a bit better.
  2. The motolita is a fair bit smaller than the original bus wheel.
  3. Failed my wof due to a dodgy steering rack so ordered a new one from the UK, added a few wee shiny bits onto the order to make the shipping charge worthwhil, a bullet wing mirror to replace the horrible plastic mirror a previous owner had fitted, and a 13inch Motolita steering wheel which I’d been lusting after for a long time. Had to sell off a few parts that I had sitting around (1275 Cooper s head, and twin carbs) to raise the dough for it all.
  4. Discussion thread can be found here: So I sold the last of my Minis back in 2016 thinking that I would be better off selling it (and all my remaining sweet cooper bits) as I wasn't using it, then after about 3 months of contemplation, I pretty much regretted it and couldn't understand what I'd done. Only took 3 years or so to save the money back up and justify splashing out instead of buying the kids some new school shoes (priorities right?) and now I'm back on the mini band wagon. She's a 1964 Morris Mini Minor with a pretty good history, and around 105k miles on the clock. This is my 15th Mini so I think I've gotten pretty familiar with them and think I know what I'm looking for. I had been looking for a project - a rolling body and engine in bits, however this complete wof'd and rego'd wee beastie came up in my price bracket and I couldn't pass it up as it meant I could drive her straight away and add my finishing touches as I found the time/budget. This bad boy is about as original as you'd get with a car that's 55 years old, and was rebuilt/reregistered in 1994, with a new goldseal engine and rebuilt mechanicals. I think it was the original owner that did the 1994 rebuild/re rego and I've been provided a note of all the work done then. She appears to have original floor pans, original sills and jacking points and even has one of the plugs that goes into the jacking point (if you know what I'm talking about). All the panels seem to be as per factory, no funky bog filled panels or ill fitting panels and the doors are rust free. That was at 91600k miles and she's now sitting on around 106k miles so has only done 14,000miles since having a new engine and gearbox 25 years ago! The bugbears are that it has a goldseal 998cc engine instead of its matching number 848cc, and the paint job is a bit funky - the A panels that are a little thicker down the bottom by the chrome trim so I'm thinking there is some bog hiding there, and the overall paint job lets it down. I guess it's maybe british racing green and I'm thinking was done in 1994. Then at some stage it for some reason from the coach line down in a slightly different variation of BRG. To "disguise" the difference someone ran some late model bronze pinstripes down the side. I've pulled those off now as they looked terrible on a mk1 but removing them has left a bit of a crater as whoever did it actually did a pretty good job of painting right up to them so now theres a ridge in the paintwork with out them, excellent stuff! The paint quality isn't the best and seems to have faded/aged alot in some place. The original paint was a kind of turquoise blue, it's still visible in the wheel arches where some of the green has peeled off, and is also under the headlining so at least it's an easy way of telling what original panels are on it. Personally I don't think the BRG or whatever it is suits a standard mk1, and to carry it off she needs some flares and or decent 165 tyres and wide wheels so I may have to do something there to rectify her stance. The white roof is also a bit shite and has oxidised really badly (and they've painted the gutters instead of just the roof which is just stupid!). I've cut and polished it but it's still shite so will just have to put up with it until i respray it. Interestingly it had a quick release grille fitted so I've replaced the original pressed metal grille (which looks like poo) with an morris cooper 7 slat grille which I had lying around (as you do). I've got a few period mods I want to do so will post pics as I do that.