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  1. It looks like a nice unit , Interested to see where you are mounting it in the car. Probably better to go the other way it mine and split the power closer to the front of the car i think with a fuse at the back etc , havent done anything to this level before so watching closely.
  2. Nice work , watching intently as have to undertake the same on one of my cars. (Because no one likes 50 year old wiring) Power distribution block looks like a nice bit of kit , where did you source?
  3. Nice work there mate , Looks really good. Where do you hide all the extra toyota parts..... (found a shaft for a gearbox buried in the lawn when digging my retaining wall posts on the weekend , graveyard backfill)
  4. sr1600


    I’d have to ask the man that owns them , haven’t seen him around here.
  5. sr1600


    Can you see those 3x pictures? From another rotor deviant........
  6. Was planning on sleeving and excessive spot welding, that way i get around a whole section of shaft being heat affected. have a set made when they fail
  7. Yip Lukes one , we went to tech together a few years ago. converted to r200 but its bloody massive.........slowly edging closer every week
  8. Nice car , funny how you can never have just one old car Interested in the R180 conversion is it the same mounting points on the front of the diff? moustache bar? Mine has r200 mounted / comanion flanges changed / CVs etc , I just havent done the axles yet...............have been considering going smaller nugget actually Going to get creative with the welder and see how the axles go anyway
  9. Bloody nice job Did you end up pressure testing that tank for leaks?
  10. Hooks up alright, Did you run it on the lingslongs you normally rock?
  11. 13.7 @ 102mph Fair honkin in a hilux.....
  12. Was at taupo paintes for 18 months pulled it out and they went bankrupt , Sat in the shed for another year while the bank account recovered. Now in whaakatane and has been there for 6 months.........................however painted the door jams, its getting there but basically 3.5 years to paint it. Thinking I might buy something else now ( it might never get finished)
  13. Because of the ploom......... 5 valves per cylinder = more leaks What are yoy doing here, You should be bidding on 490kw xr6t on trademe.....
  14. Not 100% sure..............Stillway has it in safe keeping. Havent got my car back from the painters yet , hopefully sometime through Christmas don't really know............. but need to sort out wiring department next , as ripped it all out...........................Go switch and Stop switch is all I need.
  15. Noice........give you some legs when passing all those slow 1600cc cars on the ktown straights..................if you can see through the oil cloud. hoping for the same numbers with my sr20 but I have no airflow meter an already swapped the throttle body in the name of making the 300hp mark
  16. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43167-rx2-coupe-by-gaz/ Didnt realise you had a motor for it , should go well. I have a 54mm socket and 3/4 Power bar that a supplier gave me for buying so much work shit , you could of borrowed that for a few months or so if id known. Are you staying 4x110 or converting over?
  17. Haha "NZ" spec big , not "AUS" spec Mr "XS" Big enough for a fright haha
  18. Gooogle find........self education Female Nursery web Spider http://sciblogs.co.nz/chthonic-wildlife-ramblings/2012/05/07/nursery-web-spider-photos-2/
  19. I was actually looking at the roof rack sagging , but the story gets better Alex Im inspired by the amount of work you two simply just "get done" if i had half your work ethic id be driving my car instead of looking at it. Looking forward to see what the pair of you come up with this time...............
  20. Still laughing at the roof rack tapped out on the roof of your van Keep up the good work
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