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  1. Some progress this weekend. (and some things I havent shared) Cardboard aided design to water cut and painted engine lift hooks. Had to install my bulkhead connections before I get the bay stripped and fix the fuckup that the previous owner has created with what looks like a sledge hammer #facepalm Before: After:
  2. Sometimes taking a car back to a blank canvas is a good idea. In my case this is a great idea. From engine mounts that were finger tight to burnt out electrics I am happy to be at the turning point. Only dealing with paint in the engine bay and radiator support panel so it is off to the media blasters to strip it back very shortly.
  3. Nice work, watching also just for curiosities sake. Been in the construction industry for most of my life.
  4. From concept to reality. Stoked to have picked this up today. Still have to drill some mounting holes and then polish it up but so happy with the final result.
  5. Been intentionally putting off the radiator update until I had a clear solution to my space restriction problem. Now I have an idea it is full steam ahead before I pull the engine out. So plan is to make a fill pot like Nigels from ETS on his PS13. (pictured below) So I am gathering materials and will post some pictures up once I have it all welded up. Should look cool and be totally functional. Not much else happening with it just at the moment since I have other priorities but hoping to jump back into it soon enough.
  6. Success! As you have pointed out it only needed a fraction more resistance to stop each time at the park position. Thanks for the guidance guys.
  7. Not able to wire the motor as you described and have it auto park. Watched another tutorial about wiper motors and wired as per there instructions and the results are the video I posted above. I know this is a generic and hard to answer question but do you think the motor has a fault?
  8. Assuming I have it wired the way it should be I believe the park switch must be cooked. If you watch the video you see when I switch it to the off position it appears to want to stop in the park position but doesnt
  9. Will test as per your instructions tonight, really appreciate the reply.
  10. Hi all, Just at the point in my re-wire of the corolla I want to fix up the wiper motor operation. The way it has been wired didn't use the auto park feature which as you can imagine is a pain in the ass. So looking for help as to the correct way to wire it in to make use of the auto park. Wiper motor is a 5 wire motor. So far I have identified the following wires / function. Blue / Black - Low speed 12v supply Blue / Red - High speed 12v supply Black - Earth Blue / Blue - 12v+ (not sure if this is correct but is how it was wired in existing) Blue / White (un
  11. So bit of a better update for those following. Firstly, the exhaust manifold. Let me start by saying unlike just about every other build I have seen recently people seem to be chasing big HP numbers. That was never the intention of this build, I am trying to attempt to build a responsive fun daily car that I can throw around a track at a club day with mates. Not looking to win any races or smoke too many tires although it does a reasonable job of that at the moment. So the exhaust manifold. I picked up the Sinco manifold a few months ago since it was something on the list but lack of researc
  12. Intentionally overlooking the update surrounding the -an conversion for the cooling system as I have struck a problem. I am currently looking at options to get the top hose to fit in the limited space I have available. Will update this aspect of the build once it is finalized and I actually have a solution.Focus recently has been to get the intake manifold sorted, it was a custom fabricated item that was on the car when I first purchased the car. Looks good but in practice it has some issues.Firstly, there is not a single boss welded on this manifold. Instead they opted to tap the 3mm alloy to
  13. Mixed bag for this update, some good along with some bad. Looks like the original signal switch was replaced with a repo one that has had full light current passed thru it at some point in its life. No wonder this car has suffered constantly with power issues. Have finished up most of the engine harness including the coil loom. Just waiting on a few last minute supplies for the engine harness to be terminated at the firewall, install the modified radiator and make hoses then out with the engine and gearbox
  14. More wire stuff. So to make an omelette first you must break some eggs. So trials first, glad I did. I have just about completed the first section of the engine wiring. Feeling pumped. Also picked up some weld on AN fittings and top radiator return block from Taarks for the cooling system. More on this later.
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