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  1. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Managed to source a mint condition grille for $500. Pretty sweet score considering I've seen these go for $1500 and up. Stoked!!
  2. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Sprayed the etch on today. Great to get that bare metal covered up!
  3. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    All ready for a coat of etch tomorrow. Dunno what it is about the r100 rear end. Bloody gives a guy a raging semi I tell ya!!
  4. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Took me a good hour to blow all the leftover media out from in the crevices of the car. Used the compressed air gun with the booth fan on high!! Was a dust storm but ended up getting pretty much all of it. Blowing out some big boogers already!!
  5. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Got the car in the booth. Spent half the day underneath with a heat gun heating up the floor then scraping the sound deadner off from inside. Cleaned up the remains with thinners. Came up beauty!!
  6. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Discussion

    I bought the car from Ontario where they salt the roads in the winter and it's humid as in the summer. Pretty much a recipe for disaster. I'm in Alberta where they use calcium and magnesium chloride mixed with sand on the roads because salt is pretty much useless after -10. Was bloody -30 two days ago!! I call it "spanner weather" coz it really tightens the nuts haha!
  7. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Discussion

    Chassis rails are pretty good but the one side where the sway bar mounts is going to need some work. I'll throw up a couple of piks later. Cheers!
  8. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Discussion

    It's an r100 - deserves the best mate!!
  9. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Discussion

    Cheers guys!! Should keep me busy for quite sometime.
  10. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Picked the Are One Hunge up from the blasters ready to give it a lick of etch. Turned out slightly better than what i thought. Got the underside %100 too. Only filler was around the rear quarters. Its pretty bad in that area.
  11. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Dropped the bumpers and tail light surrounds off at the chrome platers . Should have them back by end of Jan 2017. Bloody hell can't believe the price of chroming. Daylight robbery!! Oh well they will look sick when done. Cant beat shiny chrome r100 tail lights!!!! Also need to find someone to restore the Grille. The mesh is paper thin so I need someone who knows what they are doing to alloy weld up the one hole where it looks like a bird has been hit or something.
  12. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Loaded up and off to the blasters. Getting the car Plastic Media blasted then coated in etch primer. Should have it back early Jan 2017.
  13. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Worst spots for rust are in the usual places - lower guards, sills and rear quarters. The roof around the windows, chassis, floor boot and engine bay are fairly rust free.
  14. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Spent some late nights and got the car completely stripped back to a shell. Snapped a few bolts on the way but thats the way she goes. Stoked to get the glass out with no troubles. Vinyl roof came off better than i thought. Skinned the ol knuckles a few times trying to remove the under dash bolts. Man these cars a designed for little Japanese fellas not big Ogres like me.
  15. Riggs 1970 Mazda R100 Build

    Removed the engineering marvel that is the 10A engine. Ready to give it the PP treatment at some stage down the line.