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  1. Yeah keen im down Dunedin ways pretty frequently
  2. Didn't realize it was so soon, ill be heading down but not in one of the cars I was hoping to come down in. I'll try not to forget ya wheels @Toddy415
  3. Love this wag looked at buying it early 2018 when it was in chch. rough asf and the fulla said it was a runner, when I turned up he told me it hadn't been running in 5+ years lol Looks so lush now
  4. What sort of price would I be looking at to put a car on a chassis jig to see if its straight? If it is straight will I still need a repair cert to get it back on the road. Price? I've bought a p6 and its flagged in the system for a hit in left front (or similar)but cant find any evidence of this or repairs?
  5. Thought it was pretty good. Got there early and was pretty funny watching Barrys vulturing over peoples lots before they had setup up
  6. manamari

    diesel spam

    Yeah bought it anyway hopefully being a n/a it wont give me to much trouble (touch wood)
  7. manamari

    diesel spam

    Looking at a 2001 nissan van with a zd30 with 320ks Internet says they're bit of a lemon Opinions?
  8. Anyone go today? Wondering if to come down tomorrow
  9. Yeah might come up been meaning to have an excuse to go up the east coast
  10. There's a swap meet on the 10th kustom car club is it normally any good?
  11. Yeah it was only the cord Thanks
  12. No amp and haven't touched the blue wires
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