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  1. haha good things take time got there in the end! now to put some kms on it
  2. Finally all certed, Wof and reo'd, so gave it a decent wash today.
  3. So this finally happened! Taken awhile and still little things I want to sort but will be good to be able to drive through summer!
  4. OK so hopefully get it booked in for cert in 2 weeks time all going to plan... then chip away a the list of stuff I need to fix
  5. Got Gauges all working. Wiring tided up and put a new wheel on. Hopefully go for cert in mid May..
  6. Got some new bits turn up so went and put them in. Another step closer to cert
  7. Took it for a drive to the shop to get the cobb webs out! Waiting on some new gauges to arrive then it will go for cert. pic for thread
  8. So managed to go for a drive in the old girl! Awesome for the motivation to finally be able to turn the key and drive. Put the interior back in, a long with the original seats while I re-cover the 240z seats. Needs a wheel alignment and need to figure out a way to get the speedo working so I can take it for a cert... will try and get it on the dyno soon too
  9. I have a Rx8 6 speed and FC 13B engine and bolted straight up. I think as long as 13b it will bolt up, 12a might be different
  10. Bit of progress over the weekend. Brake lines done and installed. I took the rear muffler section off and under-sealed the underside of the boot floor. Inside boot now painted. Battery box now mounted in final spot and clamp made up. Accelerator cable made up and installed. New bonnet release cable made and installed. I still have a few small jobs to get done but hopefully in the next week it should be able to drive under it's own power for the first time in 5 years....
  11. more progress on the old girl! She now makes funny noises.. don't mind the shakey camera!
  12. So this happened.. hopefully it will be quiet enough! Boot now all welded up also. Fuel lines next
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