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  1. So this happened.. hopefully it will be quiet enough! Boot now all welded up also. Fuel lines next
  2. first time out of the shed in awhile!
  3. Not yet, its still on the to do list
  4. Sorry man didn't see you question! Mac's muffles made the tunnel. It's going back to them to get the exhaust made up soon
  5. Weekend progress pic TALKY TALKY HERE
  6. Gave it a scrub.
  7. yeah I'm in Tga. CarJam says NZ new. But could be wrong also!?
  8. I think they all come under the Vb110.. the V stands for Van
  9. Cheers, Hoping to get it to the panel shop very soon
  10. Managed to get myself a 1200 wagon body. Not in too bad of condition, has a small bit of rust in body but nothing serious that cant be fixed. Bonnet is the worst part but have a replacement sorted. Will slowly fix up. Need to find and engine and box for it, then will send it off to get the rust taken out of it.
  11. I'm interested to see what you think of the Speedhut gauges? Thinking about getting them also. Cant wait to see this finished!
  12. More progress on the old girl. Still chipping away on the wiring but with engine in, I can now start the engine loom also.
  13. still chipping away at this, small update but a big milestone.. Engine now rebuilt and together. Wiring is underway.