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Discuss here about Yoeddynz's little Imp project...

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Helical cut boxes will transfer load to the opposite end of the box, diffs will run pinions in reverse and hate every moment of it.

Can a goldwing achieve torque values that reach this limit in a go cart? Worth a hoon 200%!


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I'll just mount a 20litre can of oil on the parcel shelf, run it into the top of the box and loop it back. Fill the box and let the thermal cycling take place for constantly immersed gears....

But yeah- I have looked into the design of this box, (actually bought a box well before getting the engine) and it seems overbuilt enough for this application. It's certainly going to be a good way to get the Barries hotly discussing it around their formica clad smoko room table as to why its all so wrong .... " its a Japanese engine in an English car! He needs to be shot! "

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48 minutes ago, KKtrips said:

That last pic of yours is pure sex Alex, I hope you are going to run a pair of 40 IDA triple throat Webers from an early 911 on the Goldwing motor.


Cheers KK. I do actually have a little folder on my laptop dedicated to just pics of sexy looking 911 engines and I think I would probably be banished from Oldschool if I fit anything other than itbs. I'm definitely going to use efi though so sadly, some might say, it wont have the full on classic look of webers lined up.

But I plan to try my best to have the engine 'classic' looking, in a 60's race car inspired sort of style . I won't have brightly coloured AN fittings and braided lines etc that for me often ruin a classic engine bay.

Here's a neat vid of a cafe racer styled Goldwing, stripped down with 6 webers. Its pretty neat....


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Plus I'm a fucking good looking bloke with with a full head of dashing (greyish) hair and a chiselled manly jawline.   I'm also incredibly modest.



But I've no time for doing  youtube stuff. I entertained the idea and then looked into how much time might have to go into making something decent enough. I feel awkward in front of a camera and don't know that I have that sparkle. But mainly its a time thing.

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