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When it came out the side behind the wheel= louder than standard, it has a 3" pipe and a stainless straight thru muffler. My boss took it to a muffler shop to get the cat removed and headers fitted. The muffler guy cbf fitting the headers so cut the cat out and changed the muffler instead.


Boss was a bit ??



When I lowered it I chopped it off at the muffler= very loud, made all the plastic on the rear cab wall rattle 

Side exit in front of the wheel= somewhere in between 


Eventually I'll re do the exhaust , fit the headers and probably make it a little bit quieter  


I disassembled the grille and painted the inserts black and fitted new headlights the other day, front looks a bit tidier 

I looked at new grilles on rockauto and they are pretty cheap ($180 ish) but freight was over a grand so nope nope nope this grille will be fine 


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On 29/08/2021 at 14:19, cletus said:

Probably should have sold it to someone I didnt know then I wouldn't have to hear half drunk sharns about how good it would be with a turbo/lsd/4age/3sge/ 1uz

This reminds me, we need to have a drunken sharn night, been a while since the last one, from memory that might have been Waiarapa 2018, when we shared the cab of a Micro truck?

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Have to use someone else, if you are a certifier you can't cert your own vehicle or anything you have modified or have a financial interest in  

A certifier can do some cert repairs but only up to a max of 8 hrs work. 

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Not heaps of low down torque but that makes it quite nice to ride imo.


It seems to me that if you stay in the 1500-4000 range it is quite sedate, smooth, is still quick enough to get ahead of traffic etc 

If you use the other end of the tacho it goes pretty good though. 

I'm quite keen to run it at the drags, apparently they are good for mid 11s stock with a lighter rider, I'd be pretty stoked if it could do high 11s with a fatty on it  

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