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  1. im fairly sure this still lives down Charles st in westshore? Always see it parked outside the same place
  2. Ash-he

    Honda 4Mini Dax and Chaly builds

    Oh that gauge cluster is so lush! Very jealous
  3. Ash-he

    Hawke’s Bay roll call?

    Cheers man! its a 5min job, i just need to take the Styrofoam wing and visor templates off haha
  4. Ash-he

    Hawke’s Bay roll call?

    i better put a scooter back together and take the springs out in preparation for said stuff
  5. Ash-he

    Hawke’s Bay roll call?

    I’ll be happy to come and spin a few yarns and pretend I know what I’m talking about!
  6. Ash-he

    Ash-he's TT132 Corona wagons

    Picture less update! For a while i have been keeping an eye out for a set of factory 2T twin carbs and toying with the idea of putting a T50 behind the old girl to make weekends away a bit easier and faster. so about 2 months ago an auction came up for a complete 2t with twin carbs and a T50 small spline and it was just around the corner from home! so naturally i couldn't say no and its now in the shed beside car waiting to go in... one the rust work is finished. I couldn't wait for the rust so decided to put the T50 in and when we finally got the drive shaft off we soon realised it wasn't a mighty T40 behind this old girl. Some googling told us that its a W40 which i thought was a tad of an over kill for the 3T but hey this is good for me i guess? So now i have a spare T50 21 spline/ crossmember and t series bell housing to sell Other then that progress has been super slow, the chaser ended up taking the spot light and all of my money over the past few months, with new coilovers and multiple sets of wheels. once that is certed (end of the month all going to plan) it will be back full swing into the wagon. currently polishing up the lips on the 13" MKii's this week & getting the faces ready for paint, also having a look around and doing some research on putting ae86 front hubs/ shocks into it for ease of parts. more research will tell.
  7. Ash-he

    XSVWGNS TT132 2jz Corona build

    Nice to see some progress on the wagon man!
  8. Ash-he

    Ash-he's TT132 corona wagon discussion

    Seedy I still pine for that wagon! Big fan of your work chief. Advokit ha cheers man! Oh a 1uz would have been way to big for her lol, I'll be keeping the 3t and hopefully some nice parts will turn up as the build goes along.
  9. Ash-he

    Ash-he's TT132 corona wagon discussion

    Haha that new new guy that no one is sure on. Few years ago I use to have a small vw polo countryman (mini station wagon) around Napier, may remember that lol?
  10. Ash-he

    Ash-he's TT132 corona wagon discussion

    Hey cheers Matt! It looks like it has been repaired around both before but yep was going to pull them out and check. Hopefully will have the car rust free as soon as I can get it running again! Cheers seedy! Was talking to you at strokers the other week about copying your idea for door stickers
  11. Ash-he

    Ash-he's TT132 Corona wagons

    Second update! Not a big update but was a huge triumph for me and ash-da. On Friday we managed to get the front screen out without breaking it!! Was so stoked that the leak from the front screen was from a crap seal and not rust. Got the rear tailgate off ready to drop into ash for him to work his magic making the rust disappear. Also managed to fit rear interior after checking it all for rust, picked up some paint for rust repairs. Oh and this is the beginning of my new wheel collection And this is the replacement daily, have some wheels in the shed for it that will go on once I lower it
  12. Ash-he

    Ash-he's TT132 corona wagon discussion

    I have a few wheel options in the shed I'll bring to the build in my next update have some 14x6.5/6 ssr mesh and 13x6.5/7 mkii's for it currently. Thinking of doing a staggered 13x7 14x7 mkii setup
  13. Hey guys, Brief rundown on how the car came about. In 2013 I saw the car at a CJC event at Hampton down and knew I had to own it one day. One day came about a year later when Andrew listed it for sale on trade me, only problem was I wasn't in the country for another couple of months. He was a good sport and held the car until I got back and I picked it up on my way home. After rebuilding the brake master and booster I was graced with a wof and trouble free daily summer motoring! That brings us up to present day. After having no idea what direction I was going to take with the build I'm fairly certain I have a solid idea now. Rust free, patina, a form of lowering, few other goodies and a collection of wheels. Two weeks ago the build was in full swing Rust wasn't as bad as we thought only on L/F guard, L/F door, Rear hatch, behind rear bumper, R/R door, and a small patch on the roof. This is currently where we are at, a friend Ash-da is helping pull it all down and doing the rust work for me and then I am painting the patches as the panels are returned. Discussion: //
  14. ill be in will bring ben along not to sure on any other friends as they all suffer "oh yea I'm keen" and never show on the day ha.