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Not heaps of low down torque but that makes it quite nice to ride imo.


It seems to me that if you stay in the 1500-4000 range it is quite sedate, smooth, is still quick enough to get ahead of traffic etc 

If you use the other end of the tacho it goes pretty good though. 

I'm quite keen to run it at the drags, apparently they are good for mid 11s stock with a lighter rider, I'd be pretty stoked if it could do high 11s with a fatty on it  

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I'd noticed a light throttle knock in this which is one reason I bought another bike.

It's always been a bit of a rattler, these things are well known for sounding like a can of rocks from new so it's a bit tricky to internet diagnose the problem.

I intended to sort my license test on this and sell it 

I rode it for the first time in a while the other day and the rattle had not healed itself, and sounded worse, probably because the new bike is so quiet and I'm used to that one now


I had a look in the oil filter and there was a bit of sparkly stuff in it...

I didn't want to sell it knowing there was a potential for it to chernobyl shortly after selling it so I thought I'd have a look and fingers crossed it was something easy like just a top end rebuild. 


Based on the peppering of shit on the front side of the piston and very slight up and down movement in the big end of the rod I think the bearing /crank is goosed 


Sucks as it's only done 20,000km  


Not sure what I'll do yet.  I don't really want to spend heaps of time and effort on it when I don't intend on keeping it 






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