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The Dutch, Scottish, & Indian people megathread (Driving economically)


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Was thinking my daily (Barry basic late 90's Galant) was good for what it is on gas. Getting 8L/100km regular driving or high 6's to 7L/100km on long trips. Maybe not after reading other posts haha. Definitely no time to bother with trying to drive economicly!

Managed to get it Palmy to Auckland with the fuel gauge reading bang on the half mark (but not really half because stupid engineers not making the gauge read linear) as we were going along on the Auckland motoway.

Modified 20v 4AGE with bigger cams etc managed 7.9L/100km Auckland to Taupo last year. Again super stoked about that. A month earlier it was doortin around Taupo circuit doing about 24L/100km.

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40 litres per 100km Hahaha that is quite impressive.


So from my house to Christchurch, assuming using 98 instead of Avgas would cost.... $870 each way for gas alone.



I have seen 40 litres per 100 km on the fuel consumption readout in my Doctor's '02 Monaro when he nailed it in second gear to pass something.

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+1 for 1998/9 Galant in the hi 6 ~ 7l/100km territory. Did ~800 / 840 km on a tank open road. 1.8 GDI, tiptronic, Lewis pass in winter. Was just driving at ~108, no especial economy aim. Nice little car, a shade underpowered, but gearbox was less annoying for being a tippy.


Oh yeah most of my older vehicles seemed to consistently run around 10k/l ~24mpg.

78 2l celica 

82 2l celica single cam i6

starlet 4k

87 2l twinT supra

sj410 (A14)

a couple of daihatsu charade 1L




Until the 1uz soarer and the daihatsu 360. That skewed the numbers a bit.

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Oh man sudden urge to own a Subaru XT

Hmmmm I'm in two minds.

My car needs 25hp more to push through the air at 200kph, which doesnt seem much.

So what are we left, with, good fuel economy? Nah because the engine in the XT was rubbish.

A modern engine into an XT could be interesting, but then I guess if you wanted something slow and economical, it's not like there's a shortage of other options.


Then if you wanted something fast and aerodynamic, there are a lot of other options which will be more reliable.

Cool gimmick factor though (the importance of this cannot be understated!) but largely pointless to own one unless you like the shape. (and fixing cars a lot)

I've still super keen on a Subaru Omega/Leone coupe though, haha.

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