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  1. Looks fantastic, what's the weight specs original/carbon?
  2. This build thread has been a pleasure to read as per your usual, keep it up mate!
  3. I usually get away with just draining the carb bowls and topping up the tank with higher octane than I normally would. Have yet to drain the entire tank
  4. I saw a Felix on HD forums and wondered if it was same Felix from OS. Do some searching there is heaps of ways a diyer can do it, some guys make it look easy with a 2" hole in a block of wood. Poke it through then slowly hammer it back flat against the wood. I've made a mess of everything I have made so far lol. BTW how much was the 2"? I am keen to upgrade but slim pickings in the scrap bin lately.
  5. I rented from Alamo in LA. Sweet cause you pay for whatever class of vehicle you want then you can just walk around the carpark and jump in whatever tickles your fancy
  6. Awesome fab work! Mean.
  7. Got a picture of your wagon? Mitsubishi's down in these parts used the colt name on a few models if I am correct and we wouldn't want to lead you down the wrong path...
  8. It's worth the drive to have a look yourself, sooo much eye candy!
  9. What a sweet event! Owned by the sun but loved it. Only had a Saturday ticket so I am hoping to find somewhere I can watch the top ten online
  10. Niiiiiiice. Always happy to see someone finally acquire what they were pining. Real cool 180sx anyway
  11. Awesome. Belletts are great vehicles, people will either have never heard of them before or recognise it with fond memories from one that so and so had way back. I did about a 1000kms no problems the same day I collected my old one. Inspiration car is a cool one too