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  1. Ok spam gurus. The wifs 09 Accord started blaring the horn constantly all by itself yesterday morning. I would have been impressed if it wasnt raining and I was in my pjamamas. Stopped when I put the key in and turned to ACC or maybe ON. I gave the horn relay a jiggle and same for the steering wheel button then went and had my breakfast only for it to happen again. I have since pulled the fuse to silence it, and put a new relay in just in case the existing one failed. Any other ideas? I am reluctant to put the fuse back in and have it go off while I am not around. Not too keen to go messing with the steering wheel due to airbag bits but is it likely the clockspring could be shorting something.
  2. Just happened to watch bird on a wire the other night and was enjoying the Corvette the baddies were rolling around in. Nice score
  3. I love following along on your Fiat revivals. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Quick Q. Rear brake pads have a 3 prong clip that goes inside the Piston. I see lots of replacements without this clip. Assuming it is fine without but wanted to check. Mainly so I can purchase pads from Rock Auto at a fraction of the price
  5. Hi Dave, could this be the beginning of an NZ race series for Echo/Yaris/Vitz. If so, I approve. Please respond with graphs
  6. Ooooohhhh excellent another epic project by the master. Following with interest!
  7. Helium elbows!!! So sweet Phil. I love that you got two of them!
  8. Can't wait to see what you do with this heyhole. PS sick garage
  9. Stationary full load cooling test, release the heat via the rear tyres? Sorry nothing useful to add, but wished to say I have been following with interest and looking forward to a solution being found
  10. Acquire all the cars, amirite So damn clean. Such good looking cars
  11. Had same monitor with our first 386. So much time spent staring at that thing
  12. Looks fantastic, what's the weight specs original/carbon?
  13. This build thread has been a pleasure to read as per your usual, keep it up mate!
  14. Man this is a great example, very nice.
  15. I usually get away with just draining the carb bowls and topping up the tank with higher octane than I normally would. Have yet to drain the entire tank
  16. I saw a Felix on HD forums and wondered if it was same Felix from OS. Do some searching there is heaps of ways a diyer can do it, some guys make it look easy with a 2" hole in a block of wood. Poke it through then slowly hammer it back flat against the wood. I've made a mess of everything I have made so far lol. BTW how much was the 2"? I am keen to upgrade but slim pickings in the scrap bin lately.
  17. I rented from Alamo in LA. Sweet cause you pay for whatever class of vehicle you want then you can just walk around the carpark and jump in whatever tickles your fancy
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