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  1. This build thread has been a pleasure to read as per your usual, keep it up mate!
  2. Toucan

    Sexy Orange Outboard Sans Sparks

    I usually get away with just draining the carb bowls and topping up the tank with higher octane than I normally would. Have yet to drain the entire tank
  3. I saw a Felix on HD forums and wondered if it was same Felix from OS. Do some searching there is heaps of ways a diyer can do it, some guys make it look easy with a 2" hole in a block of wood. Poke it through then slowly hammer it back flat against the wood. I've made a mess of everything I have made so far lol. BTW how much was the 2"? I am keen to upgrade but slim pickings in the scrap bin lately.
  4. Build Thread: // Your wheels aren't bad, I like them over reflex's. But I would probably choose something slightly different. Just had a browse and Lenso Type 2's look quite nice...
  5. Toucan

    Road-trippin' - Across the USA

    I rented from Alamo in LA. Sweet cause you pay for whatever class of vehicle you want then you can just walk around the carpark and jump in whatever tickles your fancy
  6. Toucan

    Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    I love lamp / number 5
  7. Toucan

    98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Awesome fab work! Mean.
  8. Toucan

    1978 Colt Wagon Lowering

    Got a picture of your wagon? Mitsubishi's down in these parts used the colt name on a few models if I am correct and we wouldn't want to lead you down the wrong path...
  9. Toucan

    Rotorua members?

    It's worth the drive to have a look yourself, sooo much eye candy!
  10. What a sweet event! Owned by the sun but loved it. Only had a Saturday ticket so I am hoping to find somewhere I can watch the top ten online
  11. Toucan

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    Niiiiiiice. Always happy to see someone finally acquire what they were pining. Real cool 180sx anyway
  12. Toucan

    Krupkees 1967 Isuzu Bellett Discussion

    Awesome. Belletts are great vehicles, people will either have never heard of them before or recognise it with fond memories from one that so and so had way back. I did about a 1000kms no problems the same day I collected my old one. Inspiration car is a cool one too
  13. Toucan

    Bugatti T57/59 engine

    This is hands down the best thing I will read all year
  14. A+ review, very informative, tanks. Hand finishing next step?
  15. Also schedule just says racing for both sat/sun, which is best viewing?
  16. Quite keen, does this sell out or can you usually buy tickets close to the event?
  17. Oh man sudden urge to own a Subaru XT
  18. Toucan

    Romans COD piece

    That Civic is awesome. Don't do anything like that to the Carina plz
  19. Toucan

    D's GS550

    Bought this sight unseen while I was still over in the UK, got it shipped to parents garage to await my return. Was keeping an eye out for next project and was stoked to find an early model GS with wire wheels, non cv carbs and a kick start. Original auction photo Fast forward a few months and I finally got to see it in the metal. It was obviously in worse condition than the pics showed, but I'd been craving something I could spend time tinkering with so it still fit the bill. Somewhere in its past life it has had the back end cut off and the seat modified, which wasn't done as tidily as I'd like, the side cover clips are all broken, the wiring was a mess, and to top it all off, the whole thing has been sprayed black with little to no prep work, so I have paint flaking off here there and everywhere whenever I touch it. First things first I opened the headlight and fixed numerous bad connections and melted wiring With a new battery, most things were working, still some trouble shooting to do here. Ripped the valve cover off and checked that the valve clearances were in spec. Put some gas in the tank and fired her up without too much trouble, she didn't want to rev nicely but idled long enough for me to grab my helmet and so I took it for a quick ride down the end of the road and back, man was she loud! Time to take off the exhaust wrap and see what was hiding... Many exhaust leaks! These aren't even all of them. I gave them a wire brush and took to a friends place to see if I could weld them up, but with the thin metal and my amateur welding the holes just kept on getting bigger. Next option... Next up I wanted to get the carbs apart. Gave them a bath in simple green and hot water to start with Boom! Took note of jets and whatnot as I stripped them, all looks standard Borrowed mums jewellery ultrasonic cleaner, splash of vinegar and simple green with hot water did a good job on the brass bits Before & after, only 5mins to get them clean. New set of orings installed thanks to Sat like this for a bit while I waited for overseas parts
  20. Toucan

    D's GS550

    This post is for Joe Awhile ago I began cutting up seat pan and making mounts for the tail fairing to go on. Recessed tail light into the fairing a touch etc. Got just beyond the point of no return before I realised I have no idea what I am doing. Need to shape the seat foam a bit lower then cover it all up. Will likely paint side covers black and tail fairing the same? or white. Also carbs have been off and on a heap of times trying to determine why fuel is leaking out one of the overflows, have put a new needle valve and seat in that carb and checked float height but its still pissing out which makes me grrrr. Also stick with fiber gaskets cause the silly plasticy ones I got last time which are meant to be very reuseable shrunk like crazy. Despite the leaking it starts real easy on both kicker and starter motor, idles smooth and revs well. Haven't played with colourtune plug thing any more but that is on the cards for fine tuning later on once carbs are not leaking and on "for good".
  21. Toucan

    Bee Chop 2016

    ^ one of only a handful of cars not riding on foose wheels, heh. Was mean, got there early Friday and had a look around then watched the parade leave town
  22. Toucan

    Bee Chop 2016

    Weather looks poo poo for the weekend. Planning to head up Thurs night or Friday. I saw on FB that they are resurfacing the gorge an there are lots of delays
  23. Toucan

    Bee Chop 2016

    Skids for the kids mayte. Onemana cruise is always a highlight. I hope to be there for a weekend but unlikely to get time off work to come any earlier
  24. Looks good in red but they missed the tyres!