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K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH Discussion

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I only have half that place - the other half has a boat in it..

But yeah its entirely adequate to work on cars and store crap and do perks - but not all at the same time.

Oh yeh I gathered that (re: boat lol). defintly not that same but beats the side of the road

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LOL typo

"new lockup is much less substantial than the new one" - is it shrinking on you? How does it compare with old one?

Looks like a decent place.

Hah - well if your exam on Friday is proof reading - I reckon you'll ace it..

The good thing about being admin is I can go edit my post and you guys will never know - also I could even edit your post and correct you and no-one would ever (look above)

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I think its called a sun or something - not totally sure - never saw it when I was at Pinkys..

It's very bright and shone into my workshop warming me up..

Oh no! You poor bastard. I suppose you can always shut the door and tell it to fuck off though.

Good shit with the organisation! It looks even better in those pics than it did after Sunday afternoon's effort.

You should have posted before and after pics with the "we just unloaded the trailer and van, dumped everything on the floor and ran" decorating scheme from Saturday for maximum impact.

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Hah - I never took any before - but for an image I'll put it this way for those who never saw it.

A couple people had actual serious doubts I would struggle to even maneouveur around inside the lock up with all my crap and for sure I'd never be able to park a car in it - let alone park a car and do an engine swap..

I am pretty comfortable I can do an engine swap in there now I have everything away. Even more so after the wooden bench is gone and my engine is on its engine stand.

I like this pic.. Shows my tetris skills are at pro level.. I even still have room for some more minor hoarding some day.. :D


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Shit yeh thats so lush. Had a tidy up of my garage in the weekend and I definitly need more suitable storage/shelves as it sitll looks like Ive just checked everything on the floor haha.

Shelves and palstic boxes/bins are where its at.

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A hawk - those things are solid - top of the screen is pushed in about an inch.

I was driving along the backroads from Levin to Shannon and a hawk was chowing on some roadkill - it jumped up and started flying down the white line on the roadside and I swerved to give it about a metre clearance - at the last second it carved in front of me and took off upwards. I hit it doing maybe 100-110.

Gave me a cunt of a fright. Worst thing was if I hadn't swerved then I would have missed it and it would have gone down the right hand side of my car.

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Feckin hawks can be scary. I collected one years back in a Chevette. Seemed like it hit the screen right in front of my face. Didn't break though, which was lucky. Now I mostly slow down and give them time to get into the air before I get there.

Was that you stopped by the Otaki river this arvo?

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Did the hawk survive? Poor hawk. It was just having dinner and you just had to serve to hit it...... You cruel ruthless raptor murderer you.

Meanwhile- your shed is better than the one I had for 3 years. If it rained hard the floor flooded. In winter it was fucking cold. Snow would threaten to fall through the thin plastic roof. (I sound like one of the three Yorkshire men)

It barely fitted a small Japanese car... Check out comfy floor.


And the mess...


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