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K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH Discussion


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Nice to hear some positive - I actually was expecting to be torn down in flames.. haha

Anyway just for K-solo I made sure it has a total of 1900 cubic centimetres of cunt smashing doom.. hopefully not for long - I plan on installing a 3.8L sometime in the near future


I have just spent the last couple hours sussing what I need to do for WOF and slam.

Will order parts tomorrow and rip into in the weekend.

One hiccup in my plans is the 4cyl version is a crazy stud pattern - 5 x 107.95 - so my initial plans of chuckin on some sweet cop car steels has been foiled - for now. . . . .

I have a V8 VL disc braked diff, front crossmember, and hubs with big V8 brakes, they came with the car and will be sweet for my conversion plans and also will fit the 5 x 120 wheels. Only thing stopping me from fitting the V8 hubs/brakes and diff right now is the brakes look in need of serious overhaul and they will require a 1" M/Cyl.. (ie: needs serious cash injection and it isn't necessary for going to HB)

also - Oh FUCK I want that grille baaaaaaad

Get Mmathers to make a "Walking? Sure!" sticka

titter - chortle - I see what you did there...

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