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  1. That dude wobbles around so much ! Is that normal in a car with no harnesses or is he just super ADHD
  2. That looks great! I'm glad we peer pressured you into going through with it
  3. That's good news! So the seals went but no internal damage? Away from the whole finger pointing, you still need to figure out what happened to cause the issue, otherwise it may happen again.
  4. Cool! Now paint that middle section, it looked way more normal. At the moment it reminds me of cars you see where thy have put a body kit on from another car but can't afford to paint it yet
  5. It's a bit too soon to make a repower call. Pull it down and see what the specifics are and then go from there. That exhaust is mighty fine! Loving the intake too. Those two pieces alone would need to be altered for a repower, and this car is built for a class, so might as well rebuild for that class. Good luck Brent, hope it isn't too bad when you open it up.
  6. Definitely need more pictures of this thing. I am intrigued and I love a unique car with a history. Even if it is a half arsed attempt at one.
  7. I'll be there this Saturday. Might see some of you guys there. Looking forward to it!
  8. Damn.. I liked your post because of the good time and the win, then I read that it might be a bent valve that ended the day. Bugger!
  9. Bump/reminder for tomorrow night because I already forgot. Not racing, but will try and make it up there for a look.
  10. Wow a full birthday. Will be like a brand new car now.
  11. I'm keen to come along again. Will decide closer to the time if I can be bothered breaking my car again, but will at least be there to watch. Have changed the first post, but Markku can you setup another facebook page and change the links? Keen for Taupiri again, or should we try Rangiriri for easier Auckland participation? Also, need to get a few more Hamiltonians there this time!
  12. Just watching the V8ST race and had a laugh at the poor buggers that got the pit box near where our cars were. Might be a little slippery..
  13. What breed was your crappy pedal box? Not OBP?
  14. I've been to one but didn't participate, but it seemed pretty good. Well structured running, so everyone gets equal time on track. And lets be honest, at a normal trackday most of our cars are broken for the afternoon sessions anyway.
  15. mikuni

    Rear coil overs.

    Maybe some Honda springs, but ironically it would probably be cheaper to just buy a 2nd hand set of coilover springs on TM
  16. Yeah Joe's idea is best. The box would likely be splash lubrication so not too much worry there, just need to make sure the diff gets a good feed of oil being so much higher. I looked very seriously at this, but the biggest issue was relocating the starter, which is actually quite tricky. Moving it to the front is pretty much the only option but there is no meat there for it, so would have to make something meaty, and my BTCC-ness means I'm reluctant to move that much weight in front of the engine.. haha
  17. Have been to Rangiriri pub a couple of times before and it isn't too bad, but that was a while ago. Not too far away from the track too.
  18. You must be part Brazilian. Thats the type of thing they do over there. Chev Sonic (Barina Sedan) running a Chev push rod V8 Brasil Stock Cars Or a mini Chevy Cruze running a 2.7 quadcam V8 in TC2000 So lol/weird/awesome/shit
  19. Agreed, it will hang about for a few more years at least. I never thought I would say this, but I just hope it stays with V8's or at least something decent. With everyone else going to small capacity turbo engines motorsport is losing something. It still needs to be a spectacle, and sound is definitely part of that. Touring car regs seem to have a decent overhaul every 5 to 0 years at the most, so I'd say current regs would get them through until 2017 or so, by which time they might be running coupes on the current chassis, but then they may look at something a little different. I'd be surprised if the manufacturers wanted to run coupes though. Those niche market cars sell themselves, but always in small numbers. Its the mass market sedans that they would want to market with motorsport. Ford weren't offering factory backing from 1979 to 1993 as far as I'm aware, anything with a Ford badge was privateer run, so it's not the huge thing people are making out. In fact many series run without any manufacturer support, look at current BTCC. The money just needs to be there and for that it needs fans etc.
  20. Definitely looks very tight, especially if you have to lift it and stand it up a little more still. If you stand it up, will you be able to push it back in the engine bay a little to gain a bit more clearance?
  21. I might rename the thread, just to draw more people to it rather than starting a new one? See how many are keen and go from there.
  22. Here's the link http://www.hdticketing.co.nz/index.php/cPath/17 Is it too soon for people? There will be a few other options a bit later if people want.
  23. I think so, but according to Top Gear they call it Barthurst. This sounds choice, I was thinking of organising something but a projector and speakers trumps me! Keen for that.
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