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  1. Are the sedan diffs easier to get hold of? Surely wouldn't be a major to change the shock mounts on a sedan diff or just upright the shocks and run them short?
  2. From memory Pinkies was a bit of a shady place? Though I think I only went there at night edit: damn, beaten...
  3. Awesome. You should build up a hot 202 on tripples with a high comp head. And make sure it has a stage 3, lumpy, fast road, group N spec, mystery cam for additional lol/good times. But nah I'm quite serious on this matter. Grumpy 202 would rule.
  4. Wasn't there a horrible diesel lump based on the GM SBC or some such nonsense?
  5. oh lowl, I just assumed you were keens on another cheap boat anchor to get the thing rolling again quickly.. don't mind me. Haven't stumbled across too many of the older 8's in my searches on TM. You be staying manwell or going to auto for cruise spec? I've been lightly considering going to the darkside (V8) but dirty straight 6's just seem to tickle all the right boxes, if you know what I mean.
  6. lol yeah same, just came home for some lunch. What better way to spend a break than looking at some sweet GMH cast iron donks? I can think of none.
  7. Theres a few on TM, none for free though. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-par ... 710474.htm http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-par ... 989689.htm Those are close? One of them flash motors http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-par ... 300650.htm A bit far away though
  8. Good man! That is a nice little tag to have. Are you able to offer any pointers to someone about to undertake a cage installation job themselves?
  9. Holden Commodore VB-VC is Opel Commodore C Holden Commodore VH doesn't have an Opel equivalent but does resemble the Opel Rekord E2 Holden Commodore VK is similar to Opel Senator A
  10. Oh crap, I hadn't added up all the wag no goes this season. Spencers is pretty much out and mine, though it doesn't count, is out because I'm over it and my Commodore is way more awesomer. Like yours. So GET IT BACK ON THE ROAD!
  11. ^ oh I enjoyed the new spin on that old joke. Hate to suggest the obvious, but what about a different "friendly wof guy"? Will actually burn bridges with that guy, which isn't ideal, but at least it might get you another 6 months of awesome fun times.
  12. What about get a windscreen out of a later model VL with a good condition seal and mash it in? /silicone. This I do not understand.
  13. Wha??? Can't be serious! So close, just jam another one in there with original seal and no rust repair for summer and do it properly in April. /I'm sure you're just tugging...
  14. Wicked, that second senator is sweet. The flattened the nose though aye, so if you were to try fit that grill looks like you'd need bonnet, then the bumper wouldn't look right and don't want to change to boring plastic ones. Just make it low and noisy and who cares about what badge/grill is on the front?
  15. Theme: concentration camp meets erotic dance? Sums up Germany nicely I think.
  16. The only conclusion we came to was that there was no Opel equivalent to the VH model wagon. A grill from a facelift Senator or Monza would still technically fit, if you wanted to go in this direction.
  17. If anything it would be an Opel Senator A2 stationwagon (or what ever the German word for stationwagon is) if they even made a wagon in this shape. Even then the A2 facelift, when they went to the same shape lights as yours, is also when they went to the full colour coded and plastic bumpers, with the black inserts. So no, I don't think your car has an Opel equivalent. It's an Opel Rekord stationwagon, with Senator lights, guards and bonnet, with Commodore bumpers (and HQ running gear ).
  18. I've known motors to get better economy from running on 98 also. Whether its enough to justify the massive price increase they now charge over standard 91 I'm not sure, but it definitely makes for a cleaner and more crisp feeling engine when timed right for the higher octane. Good progress kk, its looking better already. Hope that paint matches well enough.
  19. You guys probably do anyway, but for things like that always check www.ebay.com.au or whatever website it is. I was looking for grill/trim/lights etc and you can buy everything brand new for an absolute fraction of the price of rarespares and usually even cheaper than what people are asking second hand for good bits. Will obviously be a bit of difficulty with sorting out payment and freight etc, but if you could land $1000 items for around $300-400 you'd be away laughing.
  20. But in this case it could mean the difference between doing it or not. If theres an option of 2 days to paint the car, and its either do only the front really nicely, or the whole lot not so nicely, my vote goes to whole lot.
  21. Caps in offtopic only, ball sacks. If its just going matt olive drab just knock it back and spray it up. No need for prep, will look cooler with a few imperfections/war wounds. It's still quite a straight car overall, especially with the new panels.
  22. Worth keeping an eye on for dumping a chev in there? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motor ... 094586.htm Or shaz? Not dumping her in there, just if she wants to go for a vee hate
  23. haha gutted. all good, parts seem to be relatively easy to come across for these things
  24. That parts car was such a mean score. Are the dashes the same as VC? I need glove box and the bits inside it. Stoked the engine fired up and is running well too. Should do a skid.
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