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  1. I might make this now I live down here
  2. Haven't been for a while but rebuild has taken a year so far almost there . The bakery has me very busy at the moment I might have to be next month sorry
  3. Where are other clubs having there meets ?
  4. Hi Can anyone help me with a gearbox pick up in CHch and drop to freight depot beer or dollars as payment Shane
  5. Been working away on this almost running is very different from when I first got it much work has been done over the last couple of years should be all legal and back to daily at Easter Some photos of the changes up and running EFI working well but hard to start Some new wheels arrived but due to the adjustable A arms and other mods to the front the off set doesn't work . Next problem was the 105 speed headers yet again . I thought I would try one more time but they failed . But the life it had with them on was a large difference So back to the drawing board what to do and I will work on catching this up to where it is up to so much has been done
  6. My Xflow is the other way high pressure oil pump same as Pete. I have 60 pis on start up and as it warms up it drops down to 40
  7. Drag off my little van no turbo needed due to your power plant being more than twice the size of a little xflow
  8. I'm not having a winge . Just really missed the relaxed style in the way the meeting are held where we all have a look at each others cars and talk about them. I'm keen for any where and I agree its just a really busy city now days
  9. So busy there no parking. What is the plan for meets moving forward ? What about Mt Wellington Burger Fuel car park is no where near as crazy busy we might be able to park more than 2 cars beside each other
  10. Paint the wheels gold in the center they look great
  11. The poor little van has some issues so it will be a while till it becomes my daily again Photo to follow ???? Nothing is ever 1+1 with old cars
  12. A little more No real power but ok for a 40 year old car
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