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kpr's starlet


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soooooo envy you aye

i loose motavation now just looking at your kp.........................cause i now mine is just no were near that spec

cunt lol

keep the bulid coming man

LOL mines nowhere near the spec of any other on the forum but I find it more of a motivational thing seeing how awesome they can look, and seeing the potential that you guys (kpr, FLAWLES, Escorta) with fairly heavily modded ones have managed to get out of them is fucking sweet.

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shit, i just have too much time on my hands i think aye. ^ you have the mean base to start with. your p&p looks far better than mine. FLAWLES you cunt, love the epic widebody race style. i have some bluetop cams here, if you were looking for some for your smallport.

cruising at puke :D

was doing some try hard d1's onto the back straight on other laps. think i was going slow, because someone spun.

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thanks for the offer man but i have stupid amounts of 4age stuff lying around at work causing lots of havok so if you need anything let me know

you dont happen to have a spare a to t series bell housing do you hahahaha

but your set up is soooo amazing, loving the 4 link rear end.... and all the engineering work goin in is just pure skill would love to see it in person

you should bring it to the o/s track day nxt yr 8)

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