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  1. One of those or an impact driver should undo it
  2. That colour looks lush IMO
  3. That roof rack is amazing!
  4. There's a few of us Volvo nutters on here now lol. Anyone have a spare set of front struts or rear spring cups? Or internal panels for the back of a wagon? Lol Mine is a b21 carb with 5 speed. Need to sort the rust out Keen to see more pics of this once you get it up there
  5. Far out, I have tried to buy this car multiple times over the years and always been a day or two late each time. So stoked you have gotten it though, each time I was planning to buy it just to rob the dash, bonnet and front end to swap to my cars I have had at each time. Depending on what is wrong with the gauges there is a guy that sells reprinted circuit boards for them for not toooo much money
  6. Swiss guy, Yves Russey
  7. I get most of my volvo parts from fcp, skandix or ebay UK
  8. Saw you cruise past by caltex rimutaka Looked freaking sweet
  9. This is a 15 but same rim width, tyre width and profile. looks pretty huge and balloon
  10. Depends how many gypsy children that includes. Or maybe those are only provided free with citroen bearings?
  11. rusted to pieces/made into chinese washing machines
  12. Oh god. Actually gutting to see. At least he has insurance I suppose Still. I know that feeling and how your stomach drops when it happens
  13. Do not resist. Give in to your desires
  14. so keen to cruise round strip clubs in this Can be sober driver for you