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  1. Hey Clint thanks for the clarification on all that. While i get things all sorted I was hoping to do some stuff before I head back up north like the body mount and cutting my flares. I was thinking that i will need to renew my WOF in January a will not likely be done with the Cert. So i was wondering would I be able to get a warrant with the mount cut and welded or should i leave this to the last mods. Thanks again Clint This is the method I would be using pretty much (Its the same as my hilux Chassis) or this for more clearance from the tire.\
  2. Hey Clint, back on the adjustable arms idea i know you cant use the other main types due to welding to cast but is this design acceptable? it is fully forged cast not welded. Id also like to run either a 30mm bodylift with no steering extension to save on buying this piece and having to extend intakes, fuel filler,vacuum lines, etc. This is the steering shaft slip yokes engagement at 30mm body lift. Or run 50mm if that isnt alright there are 3 choices of steering extension. But for some reason these are not allowed in some of Aus so not sure about here. Uses extra factory toyota slip joint and extra bit of splined shaft or using the idea from above cut the upper spline of an wrecked hilux and use this with extra slip joint essentially a VMN extension from the wreckers. Would also like to fit larger tires but have never seen tire size on a placard so if i dont change rims from cert can i change tire sizes? ie il will be certed on 17x8s (to clear larger prado brakes) and 33s but want to eventually fit 35s am i allowed to swap or is it noted down? Otherwise i will fit the 35s first. Also is cutting a hole in radiator support panel legal as I will be running intercooler piping through it. (about 3 inch holes) To avoid scrub will also be trimming the body mount like so I assume this is all good as i seen one certed and done before but his looked pretty ragged. My struts are adjustable by changing the silver spacer shown below. Does this go on the cert plate even though its not thread adjustable? Thanks feel free to ignore this as i know its not old school.