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  1. New shift knob for the 910! Super rad in the light! Also a pic from a Sunday drive the other weekend
  2. Picked up another style taillight, just the one side only though which frustrated me as soon as I put it on car after a quick polish as I knew I'd need the other side! Quite promptly found the other side in Japan, just a guessing game now on how long it'll be until regular postal services operate again!
  3. Went to a wrecker I discovered on Facebook, found a lot of sweet 910 parts and various other things, had a field day! Well two field days, one look around wasnt enough lol Two pair of headlights - one pair complete and the other pair NOS bulbs Two SSS grills Twilight Rust free coupe boot lid with Turbo-X badge!
  4. Finally got it running again and out for a drive, very fun in the wet!
  5. Strut brace arrived today! Fits, but also hits.
  6. Got this off a friend, it's all about the little things that any normal person wouldnt look twice at lol "Bought with Thought"
  7. Such a good flutter when ya tighten them up too! And I'm super stoked to get it built up and drop it in, see how much fun itll be! Pretty sure your dad and Hayden are popping down this afternoon so will be good to talk to him about it!
  8. Just awaiting a Cusco strut brace and a Royal Clover key to turn up from Japan Also scored an old Blitz SS Bov for the turbo build, best sounding bov in my opinion!
  9. Scored myself a Z18ET with a heap of spares for relatively cheap, motor is in pieces but prime for building up for the coupe! Link ecu, tickled up turbo etc, should go much better than the Z20E. Even managed to find a factory turbo dash cluster and boot badge to match the trim level of my car! Slowly assembling the peices ready for a direct drop in!
  10. A few pics once I put some 10kg springs in the rear as 6kg was way too soft!
  11. Wee bit of an interior tune up plus a sub install, Autolook and Kenwood components through out! Even a NOS Key Beam unit which beeps when you open the door with keys in the ignition!
  12. I was sent this scan of a article in a magazine from Japan, got me thinking about a spoiler and i realised that I had this NOS rubber universal one that I got off trade me years back, perfect size!! Slogan on the box is the best bit haha
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