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  1. Not sure about the 55th of May lol. But here is a bit of useless trivia. These were pressed in Palmerston North at a company called Coachwork International. They were the only company in NZ to have a press big enough (400ton) to emboss the lettering on the tailgate. They stamped all the major brands wellsides back in the day due to local content rules. Mildly interesting... or not
  2. Hey Been reading your posts with interest for a while now - totally jealous of your shed time! Really sorry to read about your back injury, that shit sucks. I can sympathise as I blew out two discs last year which protruded onto my spinal cord - the pain down my leg and foot was just insane; pretty much started eating tramadol like m&m's. Anyway, there is a point to this dribble @yetchh mentioned above... after trying high dose steroids and being told I would probably need surgery, someone put me on to inversion therapy (basically hanging upside down by your ankles) This shi
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