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  1. Sold - Going to a good new home in Hawkes Bay at the end of the month.
  2. And she's up for sale with a fresh WoF and Rego. DM if interested and have cash. She'll be up on TM soon.
  3. Oh wow!! Long time no see! Man it's good to see it again! How's it running? Did the guy I sold it too fulfill his dreams of RB26-ing it?
  4. Also, does anyone have a front sprocket cover for an XR200? As you can see, mines MIA somewhere. If so HMU for $$
  5. Hey bro, yeah local as. I'm sure we will run into to each other sometime as I use it all the time. If you see me round just toot like crazy so I know its you haha
  6. Oh choice, thanks man - it's still going hard! Just got some new clutch plates for it cause the clutch is on the way out, but other than that, just gave it a paint and stuck it in. Only had to do the intake pipe and that was it And the rest of the XR200 went to a good home too with some local guy wanting to retro upgrade his suspension (as I hear the '89 was better than the '90+ or something?) On another note, I redid the rear number plate holder which now doubles as the rear guard out of 3mm aly flat bar - way more sturdy. Also fitted two new little LED rego plate lamps top and bottom (cause of the curve of the plate it needs two haha) and pillion pegs for the WoF. I tried to argue that it never had rego plate lamps, but if that's all it needs I don't mind. Also redone the muffler bracket so it's a lot more sturdy now and hopefully takes the pivot stress off the head Next up: going to have a crack at making a bit of a tracker-type tail thing for it so I can relocate the tail light as it keeps rubbing on the rear tire and I don't know how much more they can both take haha....
  7. So this lil bronze bottler won "Best Bike" at Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Tauranga out of 140 or so bikes that attended - whoop whoop! Not too shabby considering it was one of the smallest and cheapest there haha. Check out the link below to more pics from the day: