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  1. You know you're O/S when you remember me haha... We used that for short camping trips but sold it quite a few years ago. Man I miss it! Hopefully it pops up on here sometime in the near future. And yep, Castlepoint is awesome! Had never been there before but didn't want to leave, truely epic spot.
  2. Opps! Forgot to update this! Toy hauler has been finished for some time and is awesome! Get's comments everywhere it goes. Currently up for sale on TradeMe: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/caravans-motorhomes/caravans/13-16-ft/listing/3394424585?bof=CSjVXGef The perfect way to get all your bikes to that next O/S meet / camping weekend. Can be set up as an office or mobile shop/takeways so a sweet tax write off if anyones keen Just ready for someone to add their final touches.
  3. Going to change the top from ply to acacia to match the bench top. New carpet square's for the kids room courtesy of Rosie O'Grady's Irish Pub (RIP) Mt Maunganui:
  4. This curved piece was bugging me so decided to square it up and make a shelf under the window:
  5. Bunks with storage under, boom: Emergency loo (for self containment) and shelves to go to the left.
  6. New quality laminate flooring and relining done. Wall to separate the kids room and provide support for the new bunks:
  7. I'd like to thank our sponser, My Food Bag for the sweet insulation Worked a treat where windows have been deleted.
  8. Hahaha, by the looks of it, the IQ requirements aren't too high so I might be in with a shot The nozzle on the Swartz (something like that) gun that comes with the kit is HUGE when compared to normal spray gun. I am unsure if a normal gun would function properly and might get blocked easy and either stop, or start spraying uneven clumps anyway. I would suggest thinning it up, and running low pressure and then moderate your distance and speed to get the desired finish. Also, beware they only have a 1 hr pot life once mixed, so you have to work fast and ideally have someone else mixing the next one for you while you spray as you don't want the gun line to clog up. We worked pretty quickly and ran acetone through every second bottle used to keep the line and gun clean and flowing free.
  9. You can also thin it with acetone and tutu with the air pressure/flow rate to increase the coverage and alter the finished surface texture too. However, if you add the tint, there is only a tiny amount of volume/space left for any extra thinners in the bottles (at least in the Raptor bottles). I mean I'm no Bottle Scientist, but you would think Industrial Design 101 would be to have a bottle size that's adequate to accommodate the product, the allowable level of thinner AND tint.
  10. I obtained mine through Resene Auto in Tauranga - awesome team there, really helpful. I used a mates trade account and the cost worked out way more affordable than typical auto paint. I was surprised at the price without the horrific retail mark up. A car would likely work out cheaper still due to surface area differential. The salesperson says they can't understand how Raptor can produce it at such an affordable price when compared to other two pot auto paints. I also used the Resene etch primer instead of the Raptor - same stuff, massive price difference. If I were to do it again, I would definitely try tint the etch primer to be matching the top coat colour as if it's a bit thin it wouldn't show through as much. Sorry for the thread hijack, any Q's, DM me if you want. Sweet job on the trailer guy!
  11. Dude, that is a lot of hard work, almost there! Loving the speed holes I'm off to go lighten my draw bar and windows haha... That slat pull out is looking pretty classy too. Love your work!
  12. I have a box of left over Raptor traction sand that you can mix in for the bonnet so it's extra grippy for all the deer/boars that get slung over the bonnet from hunting haha
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