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Zep's gem'


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It's looking good now!

What happened with the left side's paint.It didn't used to be that noticeable. Did you primer it?

When you repaint it keep the pinstripe! Actually na just cut and polish it hard, the car looks cool with rough paint.

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I got all the panelbeating done so it ended up with primer on it as they had to fix up a dodgy job from years ago.

We're going to try paint it ourselves. Mate has a spray gun and is keen to try (after we have a play around on some old guards first).

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Two words and a name.




:twisted: That looks awesome, even with the patches of primer, those wheels and the height is fucken badass, even better is that the performance should match the looks!

Awesome that you've finally got it all sorted or close enough to.

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