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  1. Sweet man thanks for the run down! I am over here thanks to the middy getting a transfer/promotion with her work. Currently up to fuck all but will hopefully be starting work myself in the next couple of weeks. Yea Sydney is definitely more hustle and bustle than Brisbane and Melbs. Theres just fucking people every where which is big ball ache when you just want to do basic shit, will take some getting used to for sure. On the hunt for something, have picked up nothing but a Honda for daily duties/trips out of town. Classics here seem to be going a bit mad so who knows.Maybe s
  2. Hi All, Long time listener, long time caller - despite being MIA for a long time. I have recently moved to Sydney and in doing so, have discovered some fantastic spare time I haven't experienced in over a decade.This has brought with it the opportunity to dip my toe back into the realm of hobbies and naturally, OS. I know theres a handful of old and new OS people now in OZ but thought this might be a chance to condense that info into one thread. @Spencer @Hemi @V8Pete @peteretep
  3. Discussion - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/38275-thminimans-1977-leyland-mini/#entry1077598 Body is a 1977 mini Leyland LE, it was originally purchased from the daughter of a deceased elderly lady, who’d purchased it brand new, when she bought it, she had the shell completely fisholened, to prevent rust, which was a fantastic thing for me as when I purchased it, the only rust was the bonnet and door skins, this was easily fixed and the paint job went on without a problem. It was used as a daily car until I decided I wanted a bit more go to do the fun handling some justice.
  4. Build Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/19930-ke20-lor0las-mini-clubman/?p=513534 looks like a bit of a project man... dont have a master cylinder for you but if you need any other parts PM me...
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