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  1. Sweet man thanks for the run down! I am over here thanks to the middy getting a transfer/promotion with her work. Currently up to fuck all but will hopefully be starting work myself in the next couple of weeks. Yea Sydney is definitely more hustle and bustle than Brisbane and Melbs. Theres just fucking people every where which is big ball ache when you just want to do basic shit, will take some getting used to for sure. On the hunt for something, have picked up nothing but a Honda for daily duties/trips out of town. Classics here seem to be going a bit mad so who knows.Maybe something shit and british, cos no one wants them.
  2. Hi All, Long time listener, long time caller - despite being MIA for a long time. I have recently moved to Sydney and in doing so, have discovered some fantastic spare time I haven't experienced in over a decade.This has brought with it the opportunity to dip my toe back into the realm of hobbies and naturally, OS. I know theres a handful of old and new OS people now in OZ but thought this might be a chance to condense that info into one thread. @Spencer @Hemi @V8Pete @peteretep
  3. Cert recheck occurred the other day and while I had originally been waiting to have the plate and attempted Warrant sheet etc to make this update. I am conveniently sitting in front of the tele with a cool drink and the cricket on. I have been doing a thing lately where if I come onto old school and Sheepers has made a post about progress on any of his cars, I force myself to go and do something in my garage. While this has helped me to achieve physical progress, it is detrimental to my forum presence and particularly my ability to post updates. I fitted the above parts without huge drama, I had a mare of a time bleeding the brakes up, mostly because the pedal seemed to not be improving. I had left the bias valve wide open to remove any restriction in the bleeding process and when I wound that in, the brakes were great. I basically knew that if i could lock the wheels up, It could pass the test. (it couldn't even do that before, now it can. Happy days) I think it could still do with some tweaking because it's still gets a little tail happy under heavy breaking. Also of interesting note, this is a comparison of the rear Suspension cones, new and old and how much they sag I made some heat shields, the first one was a simple affair with a couple of holes, a couple of folds and took me about 15 minutes. This is easy I thought... many swearwords and about 5 hours later the second was completed. In true fashion I left most of the rest of the stuff to the last few days, Panic ensued with the steering rack and I eventually managed to figure out a plan of attack as the suppliers were absolutely useless in bringing any help to the table. My plan involved purchasing an identical rack and taking it with me so it could be inspected and I wouldn't need to a) pull the current rack out and forfeit my standing re-check booking. I took the car to get a wheel alignment. Left it with the crowd after specifically asking whether they could accommodate the small 12" wheels. By the end of the day they rang me to then confirm that they couldn't. Day wasted. Drove across town the next day to somewhere less useless. Thanks Grey Lynn Tyreworks. Clutch was less than perfect at this stage. On the night before re-check I pulled the carb apart to clean the Jets, that went well but by the time I got it all together it was too late to start it up. Also bled the clutch up in the hope of a temporary fix to get me through Morning-of came around and the idle was high as because I didn't put it back together right. Got it there and Clint assisted in adjusting it down. Good news was that it was running smoother on the primary needles. Happy days. The test drive went well, excluding the fact the clutch slave cylinder had more or less shat itself by this stage. Remainder of re-check also went well. I have since replaced the Slave cylinder in expectation of cert plate, That way I can attempt a WOF and if necessary place an online parts order following that for any remaining parts. So to summarise, THMINI will hopefully be road legal in the foreseeable future. Who would have thought I'd ever actually finish this. it doesn't actually feel any where near finished, after driving it a little over the cert process, theres a growing list of small niggly expensive things to fix. Pic churrrrrs to come
  4. Sweet, Exactly what I was thinking, just wanted to check. Thanks mate
  5. Hey Clint, Is there any minimum requirement for the brake line heat shielding? i.e does it need to be actual heat shield material with an insulate layer sandwiched between ally/stainless, or will plain old sheet suffice?
  6. I sent a kind worded and understanding email to the supplier of the incorrect wheel nuts, to their credit they immediately admitted fault and dispatched the correct ones, which arrived in record time: I sent an email to the seperate supplier of the brake hoses to follow up where they might be. Turns out they use the snail mail, so I gave up hope that they would arrive any time soon and pulled my chainsaw to a bazillion pieces. In true Murphy fashion, the brake hoses turned up the next day (today even) But now I'm grumpy because my bench space is fucked and I should probably put the chainsaw back together before I start putting the mini back together so I don't end up with wheel nuts on the chainsaw and a 50cc 2 stroke induction charging system on the Mini. /Thank the baby cheeses all the parts even arrived and my bank account is beginning to recover You may tell me how to fix my pictures showing up horizontally here: http://oldschool.co....i/#entry1077598
  7. I received my goods featuring completely the wrong wheel nuts. I also purchased a wilwood proportional thing cos I dbf dealing with the mini-spares one after it leaked brand new. To fit that I had to buy some adaptor things because America. Yay, I'm even more broke
  8. I did a thing last week with my new friend Clint. I have since spent all my monies on more parts, when they arrive I will put them in and try not to drink too much beer. Then I will beg Clint to see me again. you may talk about how useless I am here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/38275-thminimans-1977-leyland-mini/#entry1077598
  9. Ahh roger that. Unfortunately the hose does seem to need to move a fair amount. I had thought about turning the hose and then promptly forgotten about it again. I Have moved them and seems to do the trick in the air, hopefully with the weight back on it will suffice. An additional question more related to the process itself. Should I be needing to book a recheck time in advance to ensure the recheck date falls within the correct time frame, or is that something you schedule in automatically with respect to the original inspection date?
  10. Hello there Clintus, I'm Pete, we actually spoke on the telephone the other day and I'm locked and loaded for a November cert check. Happy days One thing I am confident I would currently fail on is the brake house routing, because it rubs on a piece of the inner guard at fullish lock as you can probably imagine in this pic: So I was wondering if it is all kosher to just jimmy up a bracket with a nice protective rubber grommet in it to allow the hose to move freely, yet not rub against the harshness of the metal inner guard (this is a quick prototype in place but without the hose through the hole obviously) The world hates me and it is rotating my pictures just to make this even more complex than it needs to be. Rage quit
  11. Had actually planned to get my sorry arse along to this and see those of you that might still recognise a brother. That idea face planted, but be warned that it is on my mind.
  13. Top Job mate, looks lush AF. I think you mentioned it's going to be outside? What sort of coating do you plan for it? An oil or more of a varnish? What are your thoughts on coating the faces of parts that mate up so as to protect from rot in those areas? Over the top? I have no idea what I'm talking about, but interested in your processes as I wouldn't mind a dabble into the wooden furniture world.
  14. Hey mate, Nice work on the project. its come out good and you're right, the black looks much better than the blue. Just saw this on trade me the other day, good luck with the sale. Welcome to the club and I look forward to seeing what you do next.
  15. I got them from minibitz out in West Auckland. He basically imports all his shit from minispares in the UK, on small items I've found it cheaper to buy from them directly, on larger stuff like tyres and yea, seats, He's pretty competitive with being able to spread the shipping cost across more items. They're these ones, If I was to do it again, I'd get them without head rests, as they're quite bulky and make the seat look a bit arse. That and they make it impossible to access the back seat. Mind you it will be a nice to have for track days etc. http://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/Interior/Seats_Belts/Seats/SEAT11V.aspx?170501&ReturnUrl=/shop/classic/interior/seats,~belts.aspx|Back%20to%20shop That said, I'd probably go for something even different again to be honest http://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/Interior/Seats_Belts/Seats/SEAT13.aspx?170501&ReturnUrl=/shop/classic/interior/seats,~belts.aspx|Back%20to%20shop
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