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Zep's gem'


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Ohhhhh so the intercooler could fit in front...

Rims are fucking mint leon but man it seriously looks jacked aye chuck those old springs back in :D was dark but the offset looks good could go down another inch or 1.5 ... back to how it was :D

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Guest escort_boy

if they are captive, and not noticable that there were cut they are sweet

we did it to my mates liner and they were captive, not noticable, and they didnt bounce all over the road like some did coz we jsut took of hte top 2 coils that were the springy factor...

it rode so nice aye, compared to some cars taht the cut them to much and u can hear the springs just clonking around the shock.. meanin not captive

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how much did u space it them out?

what offset are ur wheels?

i use a 48 offset and work mint... if i had factory bump-stop it wouldn't hit at all but i have another 3" or so of travel so it jst hits the inner guards

i wouldn't recommet cutting or compressing your springs, jst remember the lower u go the harder springs u need and the less comfert u have.. lol

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