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  1. Jerm

    ***P A R T Y***

    Don't spam please... it was an invite to a party.
  2. Jerm

    SYKO's oldschool stz

    Fuck that looks nice... tidy as
  3. Jerm

    monroe vs kyb

    Haha probably more like, "we get more markup on monroes" :]
  4. Jerm

    Cheapest way to make 1600 kent quick

    Sorry i wasn't told that i just looked:D the ones on mine were so close they were just about touching! who machined the head for you? the valve seats and everything had to be recut aye? is it really worht it?
  5. Jerm

    Cheapest way to make 1600 kent quick

    i think thats a bit out of his price range... the big 1600 valves are almost as big as you can fit int here i have been told....
  6. yeah it would be easy to make it stay closed longer... but i don't think thats the best way to fix it.. look for that carb you were tlakign about the other da from the lancia turbs
  7. Jerm

    Cheapest way to make 1600 kent quick

    You can get manifolds that rise a bti don't flow as well though... I don't think the GT head makes a diff.. all the mk2 heads are the same with big valves... i think? its the older non 711M engines that have small valves... To be honest i like the 1600 better.. way lighter just better to drive... and you don't aev to muck around putting the 2L in... no cert needed either. i would go for the big 1300 pistons if you ccan afford it woudl go fucking hard i should have done it but couldn't afford cos you need all new bearings and bolts etc.... and my bottom end was in good cond.. Big carbs a nice idea.. sideys won't use that much more if they are tuned right... and apparently when you are running a lumpy cam it will idle way better with sideys.
  8. Jerm

    carb, escort

  9. Jerm

    carb, escort

    1600 carb is the same as the 2L one... 32/36 DGAV/DGV some of the later ones have a cap over the mixture screw though apparently... it can be removed though...
  10. Jerm

    carb, escort

    haha that car was for sale on here for a while aye.... i have seen you around the shore twice... once in wairau around mid day at the bank, i was in a white 4 door mk2
  11. Jerm

    carb, escort

    pipe looks like its going to the same place but via the carb on your one because you are running an auto choke which is activated by water temp. escorta is that a pic of your 1300? engine?
  12. Jerm

    carb, escort

    hmm.... it looks like a 1300 engine to me... not sure though kinda hard to see on that pic but the waterpump looks close to the deck of the block... which means its a 1300.. check the number son the side though below the exhaust
  13. Jerm

    carb, escort

    Changing the heads around makes no difference in compression... as stated above the only thing that would happen is the valves would be smaller with the 1300 head as most of the late 1600s have larger valves
  14. Jerm

    Exhaust gasket

    Yeah i think the solution is firmer mounts and a bracket to the exhaust....
  15. Jerm

    Exhaust gasket

    Yeah i thought about this... is it alright? any exhaust hop should be able to do it aye....? doesn't change the sound or performance aye?