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    So after many months of looking - including (failed) bidding on sight unseen cars 9 hours away from me, mincing around car yards and looking at more rust than I care to remember - I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one of these fine automobiles. Reasons being: - It was local in Auckland. - The Toyota tax wasn't too extreme. - It was ratty, showing it had been somewhat legitimately repaired. Anyway, what I purchased is a 1985 HJ60 high roof model, not sure which trim level but it has the 'power pack' interior with central locking, power windows and sunroof, A/C, rear passenger heater. It's powered by a 2H 3980cc straight six diesel engine and an H55F 5 speed transmission. It also has a working PTO winch on the huuuuuge front bumper. Initial impressions of the truck is just how big it is, it's massive! Especially compared to my usual modes of transport, the Austin 1300 or Nissan Sentra Sportwagon. The paint is rough but it shows where work has been done. There is filler but it is mostly fresh metal underneath. Looking up the D pillar I can see some rust at the roof seam, I've acid treated this and will address it at some point. There are also a couple of small patches of rust in the rear inner wheel arch and under the rear seat floor. Will apply wax to the body to preserve the patina. Driveline wise the P/O had the engine reconditioned (receipts provided) and the owner prior to me did the cylinder head after the HG blew between no. 2 and 3 pistons. This was caused by the head not being torqued down evenly. The front hubs were also rebuilt by him after a WoF fail on oil leaks. The gearbox is a little noisy, I believe this is the input and/or output shaft bearings. Kits for this are available ex-Australia. Probably caused by towing - it lived in the Waikato towing horse floats for a while. Have not tested the 4wd system properly yet. Anyway, overall I am stoked about my new truck! Diesel and 4wd is all new to me. Planning to daily this if practical. The conveniently most appropriate stickers applied - thanks @Archetype! Also thanks @MichaelJFox for assisting in collecting this tank. Discuss:
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    Bloody hell so much kindness today from you all. Anglia was supposed to have a minor bit of work done. We ended up removing gear box and prop shaft To do this had to remove exhaust (due to headers) And then reassemble. Highlights included the company The ingenuity The helpfulness Sam even panel beat my rear bumper Thanks guys
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    Well it all started with getting along with the guys at the vdub shop. They had the low light there for a we while had been stripped and sand blasted. The owner was been hard to contact and wasn't doing much. I made a silly offer and got no where. In the end they wanted it gone. Several emails from me to the owner ended up no where. Aiden and I had been talking at the vdub shop trying to help him get it out of his way so he emailed saying sorry we have had enough and have pushed it out side. Saying good luck with the sale it's just going to rust. I then got a email back from the kombi owner saying sweet we have a deal you can pick it up when ever. Meanwhile aiden hadn't put it out side was still in side. Anyway picked it up today. This is pretty much beths kombi as I'm not aloud another car. Got to many bills to pay. She had been sitting a while in the same spot collecting some dust. Token petrol station picture of the new car. And now I collect rusty volkswagens in my spare time I had priced up all the patch panels before going in with the deal so this shull be fun. I also have to finish my valiant before I can start on this. We will see how that goes. Chat about it over here
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    update time. out in the daylight and re assembled. with a new sticker
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    This is my inspirational pic Keeps me fizzing
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    Nothing too exciting has happened, just lots of little things, hence why there hasn't been many updates, but I thought I'd better do one before I get too many more photos. Rust killed and painted the back of the dash today. I'm tempted to weld it in to the cab but I know that I will regret it when I need to fit the wiper motor, heater etc behind it. Pressed the holes in on the airbag tray, looks heaps better! Needed to weld some box section behind it as it warped quite abit. I'm thinking I might paint it with some black crinkle paint. Had the certifier come and have a look at how to mount the seat belts, since the upper back of the cab is a thin double skin. Came to the conclusion that we needed to slide in and weld some plates in behind the skin and door frame. Hard to see in the photos but the inner skin has quite a weird shape to it; curves out and then back in and around to the rear window. It also slants down at an angle, so that's where these brackets come in. Took awhile to figure out how to make them as I started off trying to shape them to fit the curved profile but that was a fail, then realised that they could just be flat plate at the two angles. Drilled some holes, hoped they were in the right place. The plates fit through a gap up by the headlining. I could only just fit my hand in there, caused a lot of pain trying to get them fitting right. They were perfectly in the right place so plug welded them in. Also another two plugs above and below the nut. Scored a handbrake for a few dollars from the vintage car club Cleaned it up and cut some holes in the floor Because the dash has been swapped from LHD to RHD there wasn't any holes in the firewall for the support brackets. Instead of drilling holes and having some horrible looking threads and nuts sticking through, I made up a mount and shorted the bracket to suit. Need to do the same on the other side now. Welded in the cowl vent pivot/gutter thing as well. Gave it all some decent coats of paint so hopefully it doesn't rust again. Put the rubber seal in but it's too thick and hard so the vent sits a little high, will have to sort a new seal one day.
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    So had some drama today. Had previously noticed a bit of coolant venting when in traffic due to heat and after a run up the mway today to caffeine and classics we hit the queue to get in and airflow across radiator stopped and the heat got up. Started to get worse by the time i got through to find a park and then POP It dumped coolant and the top hose had popped off the radiator. Thankfully no parts damaged. The OS boes came to the rescue lending tools water bottles and filling them up. And holding the bonnet up for me haha. Had to take the airbox out, which we found had some curious mods, to get to the radiator as its angle mounted in the nose. Got the hose back on and topped up with some coolant and checked out all ok. Its possibly the radiator fans arent coming on from the temp switches. One comes on when AC is on so I can use that for now. Also seeing Clint the RB anorak loves these motors he cast his certifying eye over the turbo and spotted the waste gate actuator not hooked up and the wastegate itself was just flappin in the breeze. I knew i had an issue with lack of boost but hadnt even started to look. When I got home I hooked it up and whacked a split pin through. Fired up and it started making the noises you here when its a rainy night. Went for a doort through the tunnel and yup it does hunnits now. So just like that Clint solved my problem...pic of the culprit now restrained Discuss:
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    Took me a few days to get organised then I went and picked it up on Sunday, was helping my mate move out of his workshop too so it turned into an eleven hour day pretty quick. Was still mega stoked, I didn't really believe it was happening until we were unloading it at my place
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    Update time. Vivadom daily driving has been pretty damn good. Especially when 2 months ago I finally got around to changing the voltage settings for the wideband O2 sensor on the ECU so that the ECU would get the same reading as what the Innovate gauge shows. It’s a common setting fault and took all of 5 mins to get them to read almost the same. What does this mean though? Well for ages the ECU and hence the tuning program, Tunerstudio, have been receiving a ‘leaner’ voltage than what the engine was really at. This meant that in tuning the final outcome was always a bit too rich. When the ECU was in closed loop ego control it would take my preferred AFR table settings and adjust to what it thought was correct.. which was not. With the ECU now getting the proper signal we re-tuned the car on the way back from Blenheim to Motueka. It was too rich everywhere and after not long was leaned right back. Driveability remained the same, but tail pipe smells improved J I have not gone super lean, sticking to around 15~15.5 on cruise. We filled the tank back up in Motueka and the cars economy had improved returning 32 mpg (8.8l/100km). There is still room to improve but happy with that. So this was all good and everything was fine and dandy for the last month or two. Then the other day while leaving town I started to hear a teeny whistle sound. I just put it down to the throttle body making the sound because sometimes it does just this. The other thing I thought it might be was the idle control valve. I didn’t look into it any further. However, over the next few drives I noticed it was hunting a little at really light throttle openings, like slowly accelerating away from standstill. Hmmmm?... Then that whistle again, this time when I got home one evening. I popped the bonnet and listened around. I couldn’t pinpoint it but when I ran my fingers around the back underside of the plenum box where one of the runners joins I heard the note change. An air leak. Bugger. I looked with a torch and could just make out a little crack on one of the welds I had machined down…hmmmm. Bugger. Oh well.. I was planning on doing a modification to the throttle body pulley so why not sort it out now. I drove the car into the Viva hospital and started surgery. It didn’t take long to pop the bonnet off, unplug all the bits needed and start removing the inlet manifold. The trickiest bit was the return fuel line which was stuck to the pipe and hard to get too. One hour after having parked the car in the surgery and picking up the scalpels I had the manifold on the bench. I worked out pretty quickly why the manifold had cracked where it had. To explain how we need to pop into the police box and go back in time…. Maybe not that far though. Lets try again… Nup.. still too far. This time… Errrgggg. Again… Oh dear lordy..one more time… Ahh… that’s better! Righto..now remember this original plenum chamber? Made from some bent up 2.5mm alloy sheet. It had buckled diagonally when welded and I had then set up the runner heights to suit when I tacked them in place. I had to try and straighten it so it sealed correctly (using our house as a press).. It all worked out OK at the time because it flexed enough to seal when bolted down to the runner flanges. However a few years later I had that backfire and blew the lid off. I then fabricated a new plenum from 5mm alloy sheet and its was nice and straight.. It did not flex. This is how I think the crack happened. I decided I was not going to try to weld up this little crack because I knew the heat would warp the runner flange and nothing will seal. So I bought some posh looking South African epoxy putty, a bit like minute mend or quicksteel. It requires a lot more mixing than the others but sticks really well and smoothed off nicely. Kevin kept guard while it set. While the inlet was off I did some measuring and worked out the dimensions for a new offset/eccentric throttle body pulley. Then I machined down a lump of alloy bar and ended up with a new pulley. I got to use our new mill with a 2mm slot drill ( I could have used a hacksaw and file but this was more fun..) The new pulley effectively gears down the cable pull at the start of the throttle pedal travel and speeds up at the end making for a much easier off idle transition. You can see the difference between old and new here.. No more kangarooing down the road for people not used to this engine with its lightweight flywheel etc. I refitted the inlet manifold, plugged everything in and tried it out. WAY BETTER!!! Went for a drive and its so much easier to ease the throttle on out of corners or from standstill. Much more user friendly and I now wish I’d done this mod ages ago!
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    Exhaust is finally all finished fab wise. Got around to doing the rear most mounts. It's pretty rigid now and hopefully shouldn't hit anywhere as there's some quite close clearances. Pulled the cab off again to do some stuff. Started by scraping off the remainder of underseal, that took quite a few hours. Then finally got around to finishing the trans tunnel. Made the holes in the corners bigger so some patches could be welded in and then just gave all the welds a sand to tidy them up. No idea why the firewall rusts so quickly where the etch primer has been sanded off. Nothing else seems to rust much. Crappy primer maybe? Will sand it all back to metal one day anyway and use some better stuff. Fixed the rust holes in the rear cab corners. It's in pretty good condition compared to most! Seemed to be missing some photos of those rust repairs but it's all done now. Whilst the cab was off it was a good opportunity to pull off the shackles that mount the back of the cab to the chassis and give them a tidy up with new bushes. Pretty surprised at how well they've survived, the shafts that the rubber bushes go over were still shiny steel! Gave everything a sandblast and then sanded off all the edges so they're a bit nicer. They made some cool looking sparks! They're all painted now, photos to come soon.
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    The plan is to chop the ends off it and make a simple Baja Bug. It's something I've always wanted to do but have never found a solid but lashed up car before. I'm not a fan off cutting up good old cars but I'm also not a fan of rusty Beetles. This is what I'll be aiming for, pretty sure it's going to be a bug eye. Aye Before I do that, I'm going to drop it, put a big motor in it, put some paint on and run around like that for a while. I've given it a service, taken the door bars and front half of the cage out coz I'm 50 and falling out of a car at the local Supermarket with your foot stuck under the seat is not big or clever. It's a piece of junk, it rattles crashes over bumps, lets the rain in and is as slow as fuck and doesn't really stop but i'm hooked. Update when my mate finds me the 2" drop spindles and 7" rims for the rear. Hang loose Bro or something.
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    Haha finish for the nite with a cheeky pic of the Mazda in the background Had to get rid of it the other week Too many cars not enough shed Had enough of rust and welding now...... till next time
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    The cranks getting machine and I needed cheering up, and the car for a tiki tour in a fortnight, so borrowed this A15 with R1 carbs and a bit of work done. the manifolds are on the same flange and it's to suit a vanette so the extractors hit the idler and the floor so I might need to modify a little but might also just flag it and use my carbs and extractors
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    Update time on Viva two.... Lesson learned. Don't leave Vivas parked up for two months on damp ground. I went to move it the other day and the clutch is stuck ! I have tried all the usual things to fix it and no luck. Its now sitting out there with a stick holding the clutch pedal down. Funny thing is that I have only recently worked on a mates Viva HC and it had come in with the same problem, which meant we had to remove the box and free up a very corroded clutch. The reason for this mighty wagon of mine being laid up? Well it ran out of WOF at about the same time as I had picked up a genuine Viva '90' engine. I had plans to fit it but its not happened yet. Hannah went to the UK to see family and brought back some parts, seals etc so next week we will tidy it up and fit it soon. What is a Viva '90' engine you ask? Its the uprated 1159cc engine that was offered as an option on HB vivas, and standard in the Brabham spec model. It has higher compression, high lift cam (that found its way into the 1256 Chevette/Viva HC engine), twin outlet exhaust manifold and Stromberg carb. Possibly some other things too.. some foamer can quip in here.. It all combines to give a very useful jump in power from 50 to 70 bhp! Twenty extra ponies is not to be laughed at when you only start with 50. My wagons chassis plate states in the options that it came with one of these engines but at some point it has been stolen from the car. The engine I have scored actually came from this ropey old car here... ...which Slacker Sam had bought and then sold on to the fella I bought the wagon from. He split the car down as it was rusty as (although some of its shell has also made its way into my wagon) , hung on to the motor and I managed to score it a few years later for $100. Its been rebuilt and apparently goes really well he said, useful for towing other Vauxhalls around etc ... Came with all new ignition parts too. Pretty happy with this lot and looking forwards to fitting it! I have cleared a little area in the workshop to work on it....
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    Started building a motor for this. L28, flat top pistons, twin hitachi SU's maybe a cam. Thought i would put the pistons on myself. Watched a bunch of videos of some rednecks doing it and it looked easy. Made a jig out of plywood to hold piston and allow the pin to pass through the correct amount to get the rod centered. Borrowed an IR thermometer from work and heated them to around 200degC Easy Gapped the rings last week. Next i will clean up a couple of cranks i have and see which one is the least wonky. Going to try something different with the head and use an uncommon combination. I put this one through the bandsaw to see how much i had to play with Hope to have time next week for crank and then assemble bottom end the week after
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    Owned this just over a year now - still going good! Tracked down some head light trims recently and have hopefully tracked down the two sill chrome pieces I'm missing (for not an insane price). From looking at Rx4s at various events I'd noticed that my grill had been painted a light silver, and most I've noticed seem to be a darker gun metal type colour, so I decided to paint it a darker silver and keep the lighter silver as an outline. I recon it looks sweet, in combo with the grill headlight trims changes it a fair bit see pix for a comparison https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53792-oldrx7s-1977-mazda-929-wagon-discussions/
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    OS logic; take wheels 400km south so that they can go 1200km north. Winning.
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    we gonna rock down to electric avenue...please please work!spent several hours of my life making these air cleaner spacers.now looking not quite as homemade, still need holes for studs on top of the crabs.played mix and match with the fuel inlets on my old single dell, twins now both the same fittings with one side blocked off, so the line will come up though the firewall, to the left carb then over the the right hand side.got the linkage working nice and fitted the sparkplug wires.test fitting the old k&N off the single, new ones will be the taller ones I think.so close!
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    Fuck photobucket is shit. Next time I'm procrastinating about doing something I might come back and fix this thread. Yes I've still got it, still doing basic maintenance and driving it as often as possible. Recently replaced front shocks, LCA and UCA ball joints, and after driving it today it looks like I'm due a wheel bearing. Old car life/worth it a few pics so you remember what the hell it is Cheers Matt
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    And here she is tucked away in until I've got some coin to throw at a motor and whatever else she needs for rego. Needs a good cut and polish, I know a guy who's pretty talented at bringing old paint back so I'll have a chat to him and see what he recommends. Hopefully the paint is savable, I like the thought of owning a 49 year old car with original paint
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    Just realised I've had this thing for 5 years now When I got it and now Not much else to add, just been tidying up the brake booster as it was a bit ugly. Here's an engine bay test video I did a while back (need to do another one somewhere I can run through the gears)
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    Ah so yeah most definitely will be making this thing a lot lower. Couldn't fit it in the shed without letting the front tyres down. Here are some more photos of the rust/not metal. For example on what a peace I brought. This back left 1/4 is pretty terrible. Some one has had fun filling it with bog before. Bottom of the sliding door Yeah... Some one must of drove into a nice pole at one stage. Bottom 6 inches like normal. Just easier to replace the hole front. Yeap. Few holes in this part. Just looks pretty when I put a torch under the floor in the dark. See heaps of stars Drivers door. Just behind the drivers door. Passengers door Behind the sliding door. And the bottom of the front window. I'm going to be a great welder or grinder by the end of this.
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    sTRANGE bED FELLOWs.our cars couldn't be any more different! finished mounting the fuel line, ended up going under the throttle tube. mounted the coil on the cooler scoop, the extra weight makes the scoop flap about, might need a couple more screws to hold the scoop now fitted up the crusty old heater boxes, so I could button up the tins. valve covers will be painted dark grey at a later date.found these little RUBBER NIPPLES at pineline, that place has everything! these block the vacuum ports on the carbs, very handy for keeping you walrus protected also.test fitted the old bugpack zorst, fuck it's shite!!get in there ya wee bugger!! guess I'd better install the rear engine bay seal.ah yeah....
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    I'll just leave these here...
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    The Dream started in 2001, a need for speed, something crazy and unique. Something Oldschool! I had cut my teeth with lots of escort previously, the 2l pinto motor just didn't have the power I wanted. My first choice was a cosworth engine, but I needed both kidney to drink beer with, so that wasn't an option At the time the sr20det wasn't that popular engine, drifting wasn't around. i m manged to track down a complete engine, g/box and loom for 2k. mrmk1 was getting a new heart transplant! More Power Required Big Diff and Rear Disc Brakes. - Shorten 7.5inch F series toyota crown diff, 3.9 Ma61 supra LSD Custom Fueling and tank by Herbert's Fabrication Roll cage was fabricated by Jono Climo.. the master craftsman!
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    36+1 trigger setup seems to be working good so far. nice smooth rpm plot. Was attempting to check the tune, but fun ended pretty quick. above is a part throttle run, just to check the new trigger setup works thru the rpm range. more than half throttle and the below happens.. Its had a hard life. originally was in my trueno Have also moved the battery to the rear. in an attempt to move the weight rearwards and lower down. I put those ugly spring covers on. as the roost off the front wheels was pumping the whole spring full of a grass/mud combo
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    Just got the engine crossmember built. I wanted to make a proper crossmember with engine mounts welded to it, rather than the original style setup where the engine mounts just hang off the side of the chassis rails. So I got some 63mm black pipe bent to shape, drew the engine mounts and had them laser cut and folded, and got our fabricator to trim them and weld them up. Really pleased with the result, ties the chassis rails together, and is very strong.
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    Hi team. After a bit of attention in the whipping a v4 thread i figure there is some love for a dirty old transhit so here we are First impression
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    Forgot to take pics of the rhs sill going in Lot of work in the finishing bits,getting all lights going setting headlamps on beam setter Getting interior trim in Getting the ride height rite and longchamps on for good Had the boys @JBlades and @OldNathan pushing me along to get her woffed and reged In time to cruise up together to toyota festival Still haven't finished the lower front piece of lhs rear quarter Was a pleasant surprise to get re go $28 for 6 months Did finally finish 1 week before toyota fest so had time to do some ks to iron out any teething problems
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    Turbo No# 3 Left - old turbo gtx2863r. Right - new turbo gtx2860r Gen II So new turbo is smaller, but later version, which on paper should flow the same. but spool better having a smaller compressor wheel. Yeah i hate that silicone elbow off the turbo too. but some diddle put a tower in the way. clutch is still broken. so no test run yet.
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    time for some panelvan particularisation! put the motor back together with the supposedly recon head from aforementioned engine collection, im no expert but looks a lot nicer, can still see toyota logo stamped on valves, rockers move a bit more freely etc, used oem gasket and the arp headbolts and pushrods from head-donor, and lower thermostat-holder thingy from the old head. I laugh now but when I fired it up, immediately a loud & terminal sounding knocking resounded, after extensive jerking about turned out to be the valve cover needed to be .027mm to the left to stop a rocker tapping it! Is now running like a dodgy 70s sewing machine, i.e beautifully. Also put the windscreen in, used the ol string trick which quickly devolved into the "steal missus good crochet-hooks and use them like tyre levers" when my crappy string broke. Used swearwords as lubricant. This led to the revelation that the windscreen wipers are in fact still operational, in all of their glorious 2 speeds (one of those speeds being "off") Have some more bodging in the works so should have another update soon
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    last update for tonight gearbox filled with fresh oil taxi sign for hanmer meet pickups. 240k skyline steering wheel. os.Co.ng sticker
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    Time for door to go back on
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    had some help last night with the windows, cost me a fare few beers but sooooooo much easier!! Was dreading the rear window, but with 3 lads applying even pressure on the out side and me pulling the cord ( I use a old piece of plastic coated washing line) it went in smooth as butter. plus some dish soap for lube.The front one was a little harder, lucky for me my car has a massive hole in the roof and I could just stand up on the seats and give the screen a good push or thump which helped alot.yeah.
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    The dealer replaced the clutch mast in japan, left me a jdm spanner lol
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    So me dad texts me one day Oy found this
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    Progress has slowly been made, first step was to sell my GTiR to free up some funds, I only got one picture of all the toys together Turns out the guy I bought the car off had a pile of parts to got with the car, a spare carb, the half bumpers, couple spare boots, and the cars original Rostyles! Sadly the lip on one is very rusted but will be saved later on. I bought another set of wheels, just because Took a photo next to my buddys Datsun and discovered why the engine gets quite hot, quite quick
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    up close pics of Previous guard "repairs" drivers side next....
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    Testing the CSP linkagejust wanted to check everything fitted and worked together as I bought carbs, manifolds, linkage separately.managed to turn the engine around and get a good look at the flywheel/clutch for the first time in nearly ten years.a bit surface rusty, should be okay??bench looks like this.car still looks like this, sort of.
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    So as the story goes, Older army guy bought her brand new back in 76 in Singapore were he was posted in nz army Cars been well looked after body's rusty but honest,running gears all stock needs sills floor sections boot floor also Easy stuff really,she's done 78000 km, packing a mighty 2tb and a t40 4 speed box twin carbs even!!! Paints seen far better days but packs so much character it's fully staying Plans at this stage are get the major rust sorted get her running mint,plugs,points,condenser, water pump and radiator flush out/rodding out Fuel pumps shot same with clutch hydraulics as I go I'll wire wheel things back and coat with p0r15 Plus the mandatory slam and wheels Got to keep the longchamps off the datsun so they'll go on Never ever thought I'd have one in my possession and if it weren't for @OldNathan it'd still be a dream many thanks bro!!
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    At the risk of sounding like a teenage girl, but OMG!has it been THAT long??!I guess so. this is a shit of a job.I did get one side window in, woo who.closer.you're next sucker!
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    Hannah, Kevin and I enjoying the blue sky weather on our way East...
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    I have the wof booked for the diesel 260c on Tuesday. first one since 2009
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    Was in Hanmer over the weekend, The hills are looking white but was surprisingly warm, a rad spot in winter! Play in the snow then warm up in a hot pool. Rainbow road was closed unfortunately.
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    Also installed a new secondhand fuel pump and its still not pulling gas up but if youbungy cord a gas tank to guard higher than carby and siphon the gas in it runs. It runs good. Doesnt even blow a shitload of smoke. Drove it forward a meter. Finally found reverse and drove it back some meters amd then forward again. Its almost a real deal living van
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