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  1. Update time. Wow! I thought this would be a quick little write up but actually turned into an essay length spiel. Best you put the kettle on... So a fair bit has been going on in our little valley. I've been trying to remember to take photos but usually get carried away and have finished whatever before I remember. I did go up to the ridge a wee while back and take a pretty photo or two of the sunrise. Very nice up there. Cant wait to build a cabin for that place! Coming back down to the truck via the ridge track- Tuis playing morning tunes in the Lucerne tree next to truck. Since getti
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  2. Our new Gt6 It came up for sale in specialist cars on TradeMe for a reasonable price. We already have a project (or two) car so why not another The Lancia Gamma was sold so we have some money and space in the driveway. The universe doesn't like a vacuum. I put an autobid on it up to $5005 and decided if it went higher than that, then I would miss out. Its reserve was $5K and I won it. I was surprised there weren’t more bids but it was listed in specialist cars and not the cars for sale so maybe not many people saw it. I organised getting it shipped to Auckland from N
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  3. This is my recently acquired KP60. Its has a 2K and 4 speed, will probably give her an upgrade soon. Only mod it has is some cobra lowering springs, other than that it's all fairly standard. Need to get a new windscreen rubber in there asap, since it's leaking. Short term plan is to tidy her up a bit more - paint bumpers, grill and wheels etc. Are the bumpers and grill/headlight surrounds meant to be black or dark grey? Not sure what paint to use. Might be pretty slow progress. One day.... //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48889-matts-81-kp60-st
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  4. You can view the CAD library by clicking the CAD library tab above. We have had a few iterations of the cad library so the below discussion may no longer be relevant. But use this thread to discuss any problems you have, or to request someone to help you draw something you need. Ask away. Oh and if you actually get a file cut and its shit use the comments section! or get in contact and we can fix or delete it! Also it is use at your own risk or whatever, half of that stuff is just from the wilderness of the internet so measure the drawings against your parts or ask for
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