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  1. Update. Took it out on the new shacks and front end setup and all i can say is "Awesome" The difference is like chalk & cheese, I can now place the car almost anywhere in the corner I want at old cornering speed so looks like I need to corner harder than before everywhere and put the power down earlier. The Engine overheated so I have retired it and currently bought a complete Altezza which had a front ender and that engine and box is sitting in it. Problem: Engine was running fine prior to removing it and in the Starezza but it starts and then dies within a second or 2, I think everything is the same and my OBD2 is not working very well trying to lift the error codes. I will continue to try as this thing has turned from a quick Starlet to a pocket rocket that should be able to move me into low 1:40's instead of the mid 1:40s it was doing, I did an estimate and laps I was doing with an engine that was boiling was around 1:43-1:42 and that was where I was trying to get without any engine mod. I will update as I find out but if anyone has any clue what it may be then please let me know.
  2. So I am sorting the front end out and should have it 80% sorted by the end of this weekend. I bought some Tein Adjustables for $50 at the same time I bought the car and will use a gas Celica insert for now until I buy a better insert later as these are actually for another project. All in all I would say the car will sit slightly higher at the front and will be much firmer and I am hopeful this will help the roll center. I know one thing it will help loading and unloading the car as the spoiler touches without using some wooden planks at the moment I removed all the mounts and crap
  3. So the update as it goes, I have removed the Starezza from the track after assessing the needs to move ahead. I removed the front shocks and found it was a stock unit, not even a gas unit, and the spring rate was less than half what I need, this explains the lack of handling and the reason I was scraping the front spoiler on the slight bump at the end of the straight and through pothole. I have a plan that suits my budget and should make it go way better.
  4. holden vk efi it can run alot higher
  5. For no dash you need about 10 or 12 wires and i got that from - http://www.mr2.com/files/phoenix/Blacktop%203S-GE_ECU_PINOUT.pdf I dont run any std instruments but I wired in the OBD2 so I could get digital data live
  6. I have entered for a trackday in a couple of weeks. I needed to fix 4 issues which were pointed out in scrutineering. 1. Fuel overflow, catch/splash tray. Bought a cake tin from Briscoes and it had a raised centre which when I cut it out was the the exact hole size I needed for the fuel cell 2. Drivers Door card - Scrap Metal down the road had ally sheet which I bought some time ago for the price of scrap and I have been using it for all sorts of things, 3. Firewall holes, went over it with fireproof sealant and now sorted. 4. Seat was flexing the mounts a little so welded some 3mm plate to strengthen Other things I am doing. - Front wheel had a slight flat spot and was causing huge shake at speed, in getting it sorted and should get it back tomorrow - Exhaust came loose - need to add another mount close to the front to take weight. - Remove diff head and add more weld as it has some movement. - Electric water pump should be here be early next week to help circulate the water - Repair the front spoiler as its worn about 10mm off the right side. (end of the straight left hander is bottoming out. - New shocks & springs to limit the body roll and high speed front dipping (stop above and pic from happening) When I saw this pic it confirmed how much the additional weight of engine and me were affecting the handling so I think a 1:46 was ok and hopefully can pull 2-3 seconds a lap from that. The right tire also tells the story and after this I will be looking at the entire geometry of the front end. Anyone in CHCH that has done this stuff or has springs shocks etc I would be keen
  7. First race and ran a best Lap 1:46.6 and a few within a second of this. Qualifying I ran best 1:51 and was a little disappointed and I dropped a little from the tires afterwards as working it out and also tried to work out the brake bias, still a bit unsure so will do some testing in the garage. R1 I launched from near the back and it went sideways grabbed 2nd and went more sideways, I was snaking up the middle until I caught up with the main pack of cars and then about half lap I tried an overtake before the carousal and pushed it a little harder through the previous corner and hit the marbles off-line and spun out, 2nd lesson. R2 saw a less sideways start but still a bit sideways and I caught up to an inside car but soon after found myself drifting back and eventually, My exhaust had came very loose at the collector and was like a tractor so never went out for R3 as not much room under there and called it a day. Happy with R1 but need some work on the brakes and a few other things. This the lap data after I spun around in and then the next was my fastest. Timing said 1:46.69 (Track Addict 1:46.65) http://vid53.photobucket.com/albums/g52/kiwigraham/Starezza/Untitled_zpst4za2g38.mp4
  8. I scored 6 good usable slicks for my Starlet and I have been thinking of getting some wide rims made for the rear and also now have 3 wide slicks for them as well now with another 2 to pickup. Maybe someone could help, can I get 6" mags and widen them or should I talk to someone about steel outer rims and get them to add my offset & pattern? Or buy a pair of 8"x13" mags? Next question, Formula Ford tires, are they ok grip compared to say a dot track tire?
  9. Been a while since I posted but thought I would share my misfortune and luck. I went to the drags the other weekend towing my car and as I pulled out of Shell the carby shit itself and started running rich as feck. I got to the track and back home after having to idle it at about 2500-3000rpm and decided it was time to throw the 4-barrel on it. After trying the 600 admitted defeat as I bought it off TM as a rebuilt tested carb which flooded the first time I started and couldn't run no matter what I tried so bit the bullet and went to my parts box and pulled out the old 450 4-barrel which has been passed around on all sorts of V8's from a 253 to a 350 in a 4wd and it ran. Not great but I could drive it. Just finished giving the old a girl a tune and now it's running better than it ever has and pulls well to 5000rpm, next has to be the flows and maybe the cam later. I also have a VH dizzy which I bypassed the computer by running it direct to the ignition
  10. I actually found an incar video against a quick Holden ute where i hit 3rd way too early. I think this was my 3rd run and I sorted the shift light after this run.
  11. Well after the hiccup with the head gasket I repaired it and then took it to the Drag racing yesterday. Off the trailer it ran a 14.1 @ 97mph with a 1.97 60ft - I was like sweet that launched and no spinning I then ran a few 14.0's while I tried to work out my shift light and that pushed me into 13.9 and 13.8's. I DYO'd 13.85 and buttoned off at the line until a Skyline beside me pushed me hard to the line and I ran 13.7 but because he red lit I won The last couple of runs I couldn't get traction and the track was going off as others had similar issues, the weather had a lot to do with it. I was so impressed with this little car and so many others
  12. 2nd time out never went so good. I blew a head gasket. I have pulled it apart and I cant see much so maybe an air lock or blockage. I will pull the cooling apart as much as I can to check and while I have it in bits I will make some alterations to the cooling and check its circulating good.
  13. So I fixed a couple of minor things which should smooth the ride a bit more, the rear brakes need to work out where to put the rear/front adjustment so i will have a fiddle with that next time out. Friday 22nd test day is planned for some serious testing and learning for me/ Diff was welded up in readiness for the drags on 24th and will do for test day and give me a benchmark. Still no rear swaybar but figured i will try something light to start with, maybe a 2litre coupe, Pickapart will get a visit. I so looking forward to the next two weekends, this weekend is watching some racing in the Lady Wigram.
  14. Cheers, It feels like I have achieved a few hurdles already. Built a trailer and set the car up with new running gear. I like setting myself what I feel are achievable goals as it helps keep myself motivated to get the next one done.