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  1. Big campervan lol
  2. How much grief would I get turning up in an actual campervan.. A big one?
  3. How complex was the carb rebuild? I see carbs as a black magic.
  4. Wow. Amazing write up thanks! The budget part really appeals to me. I will keep an eye out for an 32/36 as it sounds this would be less work. But if I see the 34 adm for a good price then I know the option is there too. Thanks for taking the time to write that up!
  5. The issue I have with the gear box choices is that I can't go for a normal manual as it's column shift. I've read that there are Toyota ones that bolt straight on without with but wouldn't be able to change gear lol. How feasible would it actually be to put an auto in. I'm not sure how autos actually work but don't they need a sensor and wiring etc which I won't have?
  6. The campervan is surprisingly light for what it is. Think its about 1.5 ton. But it does take alot to get it going. It seems I have a decision to make. LPG or 2 barrel carb! Hmmmm.
  7. Ahh sweet. I'm with you now.
  8. Definitely something to look into. Think lpg is half the price of petrol atm.. What's the converter? Not sure what lpg availability is like in NZ but would probably go straight lpg as it probably saves headache I would imagine. Cheers guys. Something for me to think about. Will get the bloody thing running first!
  9. Funny you mentioned that because that did pass my head at some point. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to "convert" to lpg but it's a very thirsty engine so a cheaper fuel source would be good. Is it literally a case of getting an lpg carb and manifold to fit and the tanks and that's it? You're running LPG? Would this also have to be certified?
  10. Holly carb on trademe... Come's with manifold. Worth it?
  11. Cheers fletch. If i see one come up cheap enough I may take a punt.
  12. Oh sweet. Need to look into weber carbs now. *Googles black magic.
  13. Decided to clean up the footwell areas as some surface rust was coming through so penatroled it and painted it. Before After (wrong side but im too lazy to go and take another picture). Also @Steelies has been hard at work for me, creating a shroud and mounts for the rad for the new fan. He's also going to be modifying the engine lid and engine panel so it all fits. Here's how the fan looks ATM. Getting really excited now. I have also been offered a 202 black (with manifold) that I can potentially replace the red with. The 12 port head should be gruntier than what I currently have. It has good compression but carbs a bit fucked. I've been told that the varijet carbs are a bag of wank anyway. I'm probably going to fit an electronic dizzy while I'm doing that too. This leads me to a few questions.. a) Should the black and red swap fairly straightforward or is there more differences than the manifold? Was talking to @k-trips and @Seedy Al and they advised that you can get adapters for the manifolds so you can fit different carbs - what would people recommend here? Weber? c) If I were to get an M20 or M21 gearbox (I currently have the 3 speed) - (shorter first gear on the M20 and M21s I think). Should the column shift still be ok baring in mind my current one is only 3 speed - are the movements dictated by the gearbox or the column shift assembly in the van?.. Hope that makes sense.
  14. Got Manu involved and he currently has the rad and is building a shroud for it, we are (he is) then going to modify the engine bay abit to accomodate the new fanned rad. Plans/Dimensions for the Rad/Fan Thought to myself I am going to rip the carpet off. It's gross. So I did. Got some surface rust on the drivers footwell. So I'm gonna wire brush it down and penetrol it and then repaint. I hope to then recarpet with some proper automotive carpet. Does anyone know where I can obtain this without paying through the nose. Removed carpet (Don't have a before picture..) But I sweeped it up after this picture. One nice seat Took the seats out and had a look at the condition of them without the covers. Not too bad so I think I may get these reupholstered. Anyone got recommendations in the welly area? otherwise may have to do a OS Transit and get them up to Hamilton for Midnight as they seem the dogs bollocks.
  15. Had an awesome week and half in the South Island but obviously we missed alot of it too. Also we had developed some serious overheating issues so had to drive everywhere at 50kph, which also meant pulling over alot. The rest of the tourist wanker pictures from the rest of the trip All this time in the van made us realize there was a shitload of issues with the van itself Drainage system didn't really drain, it came back out in the shower Water pump for the taps etc didn't work Couldn't fill the water tank with water. Fixed the water pump, so now the water heater started leaking The gas wasn't really plumbed in correctly Needless to say, alot of the trip was spent trying to fix things that I could I installed a new water pump Relayed all the piping for water tank to the pump. Installed a vent pipe for the greywater tank Installed a vent pipe for the freshwater tank Fabricated (I bought a lunch box) a drip tray for the water heater. So anyways. We got home and the first thing i did was remove the rad. Gave it to seedy and he had it rodded. It was 80% blocked, I also replaced the waterpump and put it all back together, but it's still overheating.