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  1. Mk2Marty's GN250 of lameness and brap

    You'll get some stick for having a GN.. But I think they are a great bike to start with. Very simple and not enough power to get yourself into too much trouble... Japanese made too!
  2. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Had the ignition timing checked out by a timing light, mind you this was ages ago. Unfortunely I am the wrong person to tell you if its pinging etc. Do you have any recommendations who to go to to get the fueling/timing checked etc? I do have a weber 32/36 which I am about to send to Weber specialist to get jetted/tuned and for the manifold to get a water jacket etc but I doubt i'll get to fit it before xmas as its bigger and probably needs modification to the engine bay lol.
  3. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    LOL. Are you on about the picture at the top of this thread.. Cos yeah that isn't my van at all!
  4. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Yeah. It goes up from thermostat to the radiator. It probably used to be the other way round, (so there are probably pictures of both!) but since manu put the shroud on, he lifted the rad about 3" at a guess.
  5. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    I got told it always ran hot which it did but it never actually overheated to the pump it steamed... but then it got worst after I/we replaced the timing gear so I obviously have fucked something. Since then I have Had radiator rodded. Changed Thermostat Changed Water Pump Manu added shroud/fan (which it always needed as I didn't get much airflow going up hills) New pipes. Needless to say I'm at my wits end and if I don't sort it out before xmas I've just wasted alot of money as I won't get to go away in it.
  6. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Tested in some boiling water and it opened. Can see water moving when it gets to temp when rad cap is off. I have gutted a thermostat which I will put in and take for a drive and see if makes a difference.
  7. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Will try the pop bottle test! Also reading about making the radiator a triple pass design may be a good way to go... Will need to get one of those guns and actually measure how much it's reducing the temp right now.
  8. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Thanks for the articles. Will have a read through. Main hoses are all good and brand new. Bottom hose doesn't need a spring as its pretty much metal corners that manu fabricated to get the hose to fit in. haha. In a nutshell it seems that the radiator is doing it's job up to a certain point and then it just can't cope anymore. BTW I have been flushing the system so currently has rad flush and water in the system (no coolant). Would the higher boiling point of the coolant help in this regard? (I think that heat is heat and even if it was coolant it would still be running too hot?)
  9. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    I should point out that the temp gauge was at 230(F)ish at this point too, should I would expect to see steam.. but also expected engine to be hotter. Cap was pressure tested quite recently also. Think I'm just gonna take it to the rad shop in town and let them work it out.
  10. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    nah. Still overheats on load. Engine head felt quite cool but steam started venting out Does anyone wanna buy a van that only drives 5km?
  11. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Well done Nominal. (Thanks) The water pump indeed was blocked off. Drilled it and now I have a fully working cooling system I think . Just need to go for a drive to be sure.
  12. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Haha I think it basically works as turn on for hot or off for cold... But hot water always to be going through. There's a flap I can open which brings in air from outside into the van. Pretty sure the pump had a hole as I could feel water in it but I'll double check with a pencil or something lol.
  13. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    I thought that too but there isn't a tap on this set up (probably because its been retrofitted). The only thing my heater switch does is turn the heater fan on. I replaced all the piping just in case it was super corroded inside. So I know that from the pump to the thermostat that its literally just pipe now.
  14. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Hey guys. Having some trouble with getting water flow pumping to the heater. I'm not sure if I'm being daft but Should the water pump be pumping water to the heater even when thermostat is shut? The hose that goes from the pump to heater - is this an Outlet.. or an inlet? I have taken the heater out of the equation and I currently have a u-bend in the cab (lower than the top of the radiator) and the hoses never gets warm. However if I make a u-bend at the engine side of things then it seems to work (and also stops engine over heating). Could it just be that the pump doesn't have enough omph to push water 3 metres? In that case.. would something like this help? Cheers!
  15. Fabric was $3 per metre from fabric warehouse. Total cost of re upholstery = $12.