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    Our new Gt6 It came up for sale in specialist cars on TradeMe for a reasonable price. We already have a project (or two) car so why not another The Lancia Gamma was sold so we have some money and space in the driveway. The universe doesn't like a vacuum. I put an autobid on it up to $5005 and decided if it went higher than that, then I would miss out. Its reserve was $5K and I won it. I was surprised there weren’t more bids but it was listed in specialist cars and not the cars for sale so maybe not many people saw it. I organised getting it shipped to Auckland from Napier which turned out to be a hassle because it wasn't running. It would have much more fun to go down there and do a road trip with a trailer…..or even maybe getting it mobile and drive it home. I just didn't have the time to spare and the buyer wanted it gone. It arrived during the week while I was in OZ so today my son turned up and we decided to get into it and have a look. It turned out to be better than we expected. No brakes Paint is all cracked and faded Rust at the top of the windscreen. Rust in the B pillar Engine didn't start Clutch pedal went to the floor and didn't come back up Hood lining was ripped and had pieces missing Seats were just sitting loose Windscreen wiper was missing (in fact the whole mechanism was gone) Engine numbers didn't match (original engine long gone and who knows what put in its place) More parts in the back hatch than on the car No original wheels So….to sum it up……. it was perfect. So Perfect that Ethan named it Vyvyan from the young ones. First Job… Get engine running. It had a good battery so that went on charge. It had no gas so we went up the road to get some fuel (no 91 for this baby) Dropped in the battery and filled her up Cranked it over and it started after 30 seconds of cranking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPzWs1kgZog Little worried……its only running on three. Give it a rev…….now its running on 4.5 Rev really hard…..running on some weird combination of cylinders but not all at once. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkwQRi80b1k We decided to investigate the misfire. It seemed to be coming from only two or three cylinders at the back of the engine so we tried swapping the leads and still it was there. We were beginning to worry that it may be low compression so …out with the compression tester….they checked OK….phew. So the next idea was it must be the plugs. They are BP5ES so we went to one of our other engines and checked what was in that. Turns out it had a whole mix of them but we found 4 BP6ES and chucked them in. That fixed the problem and it now runs semi OK so I will get a new set of 6 BP6ES for it and fit them tomorrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USYK_lOpssA Time for a tea break and to look up the engine and head numbers. Turns out it has a high compression PI 2.5 saloon motor in it……..nice! 132hp stock….150 with PI and a tr6 cam. Next I jumped in and tested the clutch again. First I pulled it off the floor and pumped and push it down and lifted back. After a couple of these I managed to get it working. The only problem is that when I started it up I could hear a noisy thrust bearing….when I pressed the clutch it went away…damn. Looks like the engine will be out over the next couple of weeks. Next job….The brakes go straight to the floor. When we opened the reservoir it had that nice black oxidised fluid that a car siting for 5 years get. The best thing about a tilt front car is that we could bleed the front brakes without taking off the wheel or lying on the ground (as it had started to rain) . We bleed out all the brown/black fluid and air in the front. We couldn't be bothered doing the back as that would mean taking the wheels off and getting on the ground in the rain. Ethan said the pedal felt average but OK so we decided it was good enough to take to a drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmRYXpeCHlw Fun…. Enough work for today…..tomorrow we will bleed the brakes better and bolt the seats in and look at the rust a little closer.
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    This is my recently acquired KP60. Its has a 2K and 4 speed, will probably give her an upgrade soon. Only mod it has is some cobra lowering springs, other than that it's all fairly standard. Need to get a new windscreen rubber in there asap, since it's leaking. Short term plan is to tidy her up a bit more - paint bumpers, grill and wheels etc. Are the bumpers and grill/headlight surrounds meant to be black or dark grey? Not sure what paint to use. Might be pretty slow progress. One day.... //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48889-matts-81-kp60-starlet-discussion/
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    You can view the CAD library by clicking the CAD library tab above. We have had a few iterations of the cad library so the below discussion may no longer be relevant. But use this thread to discuss any problems you have, or to request someone to help you draw something you need. Ask away. Oh and if you actually get a file cut and its shit use the comments section! or get in contact and we can fix or delete it! Also it is use at your own risk or whatever, half of that stuff is just from the wilderness of the internet so measure the drawings against your parts or ask for help before dropping $$ on cutting.
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