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Blast cabinet tips and tricks thread


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made some mods to my sandblaster and its fucking cash.

so the old venturi suction sandblaster feed is a bit shit what with sand/media being really heavy and all. you need to run the biggest nozzle to get enough air flow to raise the sand and then there isnt enough velocity at the nozzle to really do fuck all once you do raise the sand up from the bottom.

so i made some mods to mine to effectively run a "total loss" sand system. it works mint.

so the sand sits in the funnel at the top and gravity feeds the handpiece. i can now run the smallest nozzle and the velocity is good so it removes rust/paint/crud quickly and really well.

the funnel full of sand lasts ages because you only need the small nozzle.

I've cantilevered the cabinet out off the bench so i can pull the bung and drain the media into the bucket, then just tip it into the funnel again. fuckin too easy.

i could run the thing without the bung probably, haven't tried yet.

visabality is good too with the vacuum stuffed in the side. the whole things is a win in my book.


49893446472_6997ba1ef7_b.jpg2020-05-14_06-16-08 by sheepers, on Flickr


49893446132_196307862d_b.jpg2020-05-14_06-15-59 by sheepers, on Flickr


49893136446_9f717eecc3_b.jpg2020-05-14_06-15-51 by sheepers, on Flickr



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Figure this might help some people. 

Had this blaster for some time but got sick of not being able to see anything and being abit shit. 

Found cabinet is abit small and angle of vision screen ends up getting hit from garnet and end up with a sore back from leaning over. 

For dust extraction I run a hose from side to a cyclone dust extractor from Aliexpress as same item here double price into bucket then vacuum from there. Vacuum for the job could be better but does the job as used another one but found filter gets clogged then when you use vacuum for car you end up with dust over and through the car. So now vaccum is only for blaster. 

Also with air side I've got a marquip 13cfm compressor with an extra air tank. Seems to be about the biggest you can have on single fase power. 

So modded the blaster for better angle and use. 


Have also upgraded line size to 1/2. And added psi gauge to see what's going on and a water trap before it goes in the gun 

Current air supply also runs out of extra air tank as that way you get dry air 

Light wise as factory one are rubbish we cut a hole on top and added led unit in that is 240v 

Also when running this setup air pressure seems to start well at about 120psi then after some time drops to 60psi where blasting is painful. So run two 13cfm compressors with extra one connecting into storage tank and blasting is great and psi stays around 80 to 90psi. Works great 

Basically more air the better. And also find placing a panel on the bottom helps with the dust getting kicked up while blasting but not too big to stop sand going to the bottom to the pickup. 

Better blasting everyone 

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Nowhere near as fancy as your guys setups, is more of a test bed for a custom full size cabinet.

Was give a cabinet from my old work that someone had raxxed the gun and screen out of. Took alot of inspiration from Sheepers cabinet and came up on this. Still have a bit of tutuing and and finishing to do but seems to work considerably better then before.





Have a gavity feed hopper on the side which makes a huge difference, just super consistent flow and good pressure from the 2nd smallest tip. Has a 12v ali x light bar in the side but will probably go to a light bulb like most of you have. Have it going into a shop vac but have a cyclone extractor to use, just struggling for room atm. 

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I put a cyclone separator on mine and it works quite well,you can buy them for under $40 locally. Mine feeds a vacuum cleaner with a variable speed controller so I can turn down the airflow when using super fine media.

 Pulled an old vacuum apart, stuck it in a ply box and fed it to an outside vent so there’s no fine dust in the shed which was fairly important as at one stage I was blasting some old bronze pieces and the dist from that it pretty nasty I've been told\

Bolted a tall round Systema container I stole from the kitchen (Shhh!) on the bottom of the cyclone so it’s easy to remove and clean out, the whole thing just hangs off the side of the cabinet as the input Port fits the dust outlet perfectly on the cabinet

Have been toying with making a small vapor blaster with one of those 220l cabinets from topmaq



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I recently just picked up a cabinet from machinery house. Pretty much the same as the ones here. Siliconed every panel before bolting together. Roughly tried the gravity hopper with a funnel inside the blast cabinet hooked up to the gun , next il try it above the blaster. 
i started blasting my sump, looks like it may take awhile.  

what size compressors are people running?

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On 16/07/2021 at 07:51, Mr Vapour said:

One thing to look at is the gun. They are normally junk. 

Have a look at BNP guns. Machinary house has a bnp copy. 





My gun shat itself, its the one that came with the Machinery Warehouse unit.

The threaded cap that holds the ceramic tip on the gun had gotten jammed on, and refused to come off. Applied a bit too much force to it trying to get it loose and it split down the side.

I guess some garnet got stuck in the thread or it got cross threaded. Who knows.

So now I need to figure out what kind of gun to get to replace and upgrade it. It was never great, I realised that I could feel air leaking from the trigger too. I've seen the same gun design on Ebay for $20 or so, so its probably a mass produced crappy tolerance thing.

I had a look at the BNP copy that Mr Vapour suggested above and not sure it would suit my setup. It needs a pedal and tips so would be close to $200 all up. Do I need to spend that much for home use?


I have a decent 2.5hp Ingersoll Rand twin piston belt drive jobby with a big tank. But I get the feeling it won't be enough for a gun like that BNP one?


Any suggestions?


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On 14/09/2021 at 16:02, ~Slideways~ said:


Any suggestions?


Oh hey 2-months-ago-me.

Buy one of these from Supercheap Auto, pretty good bang for buck without having to change anything else:



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Supercheap cabinet on loan from benno, wired up some led lights he supplied for instant improvement then today fashioned a cyclone from two large buckets, pvc pipe fittings all finishing off with an old air filter from the landrover, so far, it sucks

Amongst the random bits that came with the router was an assortment of air treatment gear, have a large filter/water separator on both the compressor and blasting cabinet, no sign of moisture entering the cabinet so far, happy days


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I love my cabinet. I guess my expectations were low, so it's done better than I thought it would. Sure, if I did it for a living - this would not be the right tool for the job, but for my needs it's fine.

I've got it mounted on a tool trolley, so its a comfortable working height.

Vacuum cleaner is hooked into the rear, behind a baffle. I tried the side port and this was less effective. No dust filter, but not having issues there.

Light is shit, but I wheel it outside and use free light of the sun. Keeps dust out of shed too.

May look at adjusting the feed situation, but my compressor is small, so maybe the constant breaks waiting for air allows the media to keep up? I did load it up nearly to the grill, so it's chocka with media...so this can't be hurting available supply.








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Indeed, might have to steal that one. 

Ordered a 20kg bag of extrafine garnet from toolshed yesterday, 60 bucks including shipping.

Ordered cyclone funnel and have a 20l bucket ready to go.

Going to see zap shop over the road and see what i can do in the way of lighting.

Let the barrying commence!

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